3 Reasons it Takes Guts to Become a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching is a true partnership in which a coach empowers a client – this is what you can be part of when you become a certified life coach. Life coaches serve their clients by opening their eyes to possibilities, helping them move past self-imposed barriers, and aiding them in creating life plans.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has found that over 98% of coaching clients thought that coaching was worth the money. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

To get off the couch and make a career change takes some motivation and inspiration. To become a certified life coach takes guts. Following your heart’s desire takes courage and fortitude. But, it won’t happen unless you make the first move and start your journey to becoming a certified life coach.

Got the guts?

3 Reasons it Takes Guts to Become a Certified Life Coach

You Will Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It takes guts to step outside our comfort zones. We enjoy doing those things with which we feel to venture outside our comfortable cocoons, it takes a lightning bolt of inspiration and it can be extremely nerve-racking! Comfort zones are comfortable; throwing away that comfort and exposing ourselves to something new and challenging takes guts.

You Will be Facing Your Flaws.

Do you lack leaderships skills? You will definitely find out during life coach training. Do you lack good communication skills? If so, it will become evident as you study to become a certified life coach. Do you lack patience? It will be noticeable as you learn how to become a certified coach. What you need to know: everyone has flaws, and you can work to improve yourself while you are training to be a life coach.

Don’t fear your flaws. Face them and work to turn them in to strengths.

You Will be Responsible for the Goals and Dreams of Other People.

Wow – talk about responsibility!

Once you finish your training and get out in the real world, you will be a certified life coach and you will be working with clients who expects results. Will you be able to deliver those results? Will you be able to fill the needs they have and provide outcomes for them. They will be paying you money and spending valuable time with you – they will want, no, they will demand something for that time and money.

Now that you know the three reasons it takes guts to become a certified life coach, do you think you have what it takes? No guts, no glory, the saying goes.

Once you think you have the guts, you should answer one question; I will make it a multiple choice to make it easier.

Why do you want to become a certified life coach?

a) for the possible financial rewards

b) for personal fulfillment

c) a desire to help others

d) for the certifications to hang on my wall

e) a, b, and c.

If your answer was “E”, then you selected the right answer. Though certifications are good, that is not what life coaching is all about. It is a career in which you can earn a good living, enjoy personal success, and most importantly, help others achieve their goals.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Natalie says

    It really does take guts to become a life coach and if you do not have the passion to help others then you will not make it as a coach.

  2. Jocelyn says

    I agree! It take a whole lot of guts to face your flaws and step out of your comfort zone. Most people like to stay in a career that they are comfortable at and being a coach entails many responsibilities that will bring out challenges that you will face. It also take a big person to accept being responsible in helping others attain their goals and dreams.

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