The Big Time Lie That Crushed my Coaching Business

I blamed my family for why my coaching business wasn’t working. But I was lying to myself… I told myself I didn’t have time for my coaching business because my family needed me… ...when in reality I wasn’t willing to face my fear. Let me explain… As a mom, I’ve always drawn a line in the sand about what I was willing (or not willing) to give up for my coaching business. A few years ago, I needed more time to work on my business and I struggled to decide what I could give up … [Read more...]

Processing Emotions in Your Coaching Business

“How do I know if I’m coaching right?” client just asked me, riddled with doubt. Her fears were holding her back. And I realized that fear is inevitable for any coach… ...From novice to master level. What fear is holding you back? Fear of not being a good enough coach?Fear of giving an embarrassing webinar?Fear of clients rejecting you?Fear of investing in your business and having nothing to show for it? Fear protects you from the unknown. If your brain doesn’t … [Read more...]

Can I Become a Coach & Be Selfish? How Not to Become a Life Coach…

"Can I become a coach and make a difference in the world?" you ask. You're asking the wrong question. The question is not whether you can become a life coach, the question is whether or not you will. Why wouldn't you successfully become a life coach? What's funny is that you'll probably still ask, "Can I become a coach?" long after you begin your life coaching business. The point is this... there are things that can stop you in your endeavor to become a life coach, and you'd better know them … [Read more...]

Can I Become a Coach if I Don’t Feel Like I Can Become a Mentor

Tell me… What does it take to become a mentor?   Can I become a coach before I have the experience and expertise to become a mentor?   To become a mentor requires knowledge.  A mentor is someone who has "been there, done that".  They are an expert (at least compared to the person they are mentoring).  Becoming a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert in a given area.  You just need skills and tools for breakthroughs, and of course accountability. Knowing this, let me ask you, can I … [Read more...]