Become a Life Coach Who Leads by Example: What it Takes to Become a Mentor Who Values Your Own Time

Most people become a life coach so they can help others.  But how can you help others in areas where you yourself are struggling?  The biggest challenge many coaches face is that they don’t value their own time enough to impart that skill to others.  And if you want to become a life coach whose clients value every second of time they have with you, you’re going to have to become a mentor in time management.  And when I say, ‘become a mentor,’ I mean you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself first.

Become a Mentor in Time Management by Understanding Where You Spend Your Time

The first step if you want to become a mentor who values your time is to understand where you spend it.  Most people spend their lives in ‘Routine Time’.  Getting up, going to work, eating meals, etc.  Whatever you are currently doing is most likely your routine.  It has taken you to where you are today, but if you want to become a life coach you will need to make some changes.

Why You Need ‘Project Time’ if You Want to Become a Life Coach

If you want to become a life coach, you’re going to have to either allow yourself to empty your routine or create a block of time in your schedule to work on creating something new out in your life.  Let’s face it, you’ll probably never get all the routine things done.  New fires will have to be put out, leaving no time to work on your future.  Once you overcome this struggle, you’re ready to become a mentor.

Become a Mentor That Leads by Example

And I do mean struggle.  Just because you place a block of time on your schedule to work on your goal to become a life coach, doesn’t mean you will actually accomplish anything.  Unless you are totally committed to setting aside time for creating something new, it will never happen.  People will call, emails will draw you away from your intent, or something else will show up that appears more important.  You will put it off until next week.  But if you really want to become a mentor, you’re going to have to lead by example.

The key to success in creating something new in your life, to become a life coach or any other noble endeavor, is to place a premium on your own time.  No one is going to free up time for you.  In fact, it’s usually just the opposite.  When you become a mentor who sets boundaries on your own time, you set a standard.  While there will be some who don’t like it, you’ll find many people will appreciate your time even more and get better results.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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