Can I Become a Coach if I Don’t Feel Like I Can Become a Mentor

Tell me… What does it take to become a mentor?   Can I become a coach before I have the experience and expertise to become a mentor?   To become a mentor requires knowledge.  A mentor is someone who has “been there, done that”.  They are an expert (at least compared to the person they are mentoring). 

Becoming a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert in a given area.  You just need skills and tools for breakthroughs, and of course accountability.

Knowing this, let me ask you, can I become a coach to CEO’s?  What if you don’t have the background to become a mentor at that level?

Can I Become a Coach, Really?  The 5 Different Ways Coaches Provide Value:

1.       Consultant (information)

2.       Guru (confidence)

3.       Friend (listening)

4.       Strategist (planning/ time )

5.       Leader (accountability)

Can I become a coach who is a consultant to a high powered executive?  It depends on the area they need results in.  You don’t want to give strategic business advice and become a mentor for the business of executives if you don’t have a MBA.  Your would-be client will “call you out” on it.

“Hey! What do you know about this?”  Isn’t that one of the greatest fears of a coach?

But can I become a coach who is more of a friend and confidant?  Is that valuable?  Of course.  It’s lonely at the top.

Can I become a coach who is a strategist?  Would that be overstepping boundaries?  If they need strategy about marketing peanut butter in Europe?  I’m toast.  I have no grounds to become a mentor in that area.  But if they need someone to help with time management, getting past blocks that are keeping them from achieving their goals…I can get results.

What about a guru?  That takes time and a following.

Can I become a coach who is a leader for someone that’s accustomed to being the top dog?  Sure.  If I have the skills to hold them accountable, with the finesse and skill to maneuver between being dominant and allowing them to still feel in charge.

You Don’t Need to Become a Mentor to Lead

As a coach, there are a lot of ways you can provide value for even the most successful people in their field.  It’s all about getting them the results they are looking for.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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