Three in Demand Coaching Niches to Choose From

When you are first starting out as a life coach, it might be a bit overwhelming to figure out what your coaching niches are going to be.


How to Figure Out Your Niche

Combining real-world expertise, interpersonal skills such as empathy and coaching skills is what will make you successful in your coaching specialty. When I first started as a life coach, it took me some time to determine what areas I wanted to specialize in. The reason was that I possessed diverse experience and skills in various fields, and so I had to narrow it down to the areas I felt the most passion in and where I could be the most efficient. Other ways to uncover the coaching niches that work best for you and your practice are making sure you pay attention to the following:

1. Be an expert in your field – If you do not possess expertise in your field, you will be unable to help your clients to the degree that you want to.

2. Marketing Tools – You must acquire the necessary tools to influence your clients. You have to know how to reach your prospective clients to be of help to them.

3. Market For Your Coaching Services – Is there a market for your services in the geographical location you live in or where you are targeting? You must carry out your research beforehand. No matter how experienced or trained you are in your niche, without the ideal audience, you will be unsuccessful.

Three Lucrative Coaching Niches

There are several coaching niches in the field of coaching today and many if not all of them stem from life coaching. A few of the most common life coaching specialties are:

路 Business Coaching
路 Relationship Coaching
路 Career Coaching
路 Faith/Spirituality Based Coaching
路 Health & Wellness Coaching
路 Grief & Loss Coaching
路 Executive Coaching

From these common niches listed, are three of the most in-demand specialties in the coaching field today. They are:

1. Health & Wellness Coaching

This niche has come to be one of the fastest-growing specialties in the coaching industry. Statistics show that the health & wellness coaching profession has emerged as a six billion service market, with a strong growth outlook. As people strive to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, the demand for health and wellness coaches will continue rising.
These Coaches are professionals who help people assess their current physical and emotional state. They help them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to accomplish these goals. Health and wellness coaches often times work with other healthcare professionals in ensuring their clients receive the most quality and proper care.

2. Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client (individual or group) with the goal of enhancing the client’s management performance and development. Executive coaches work with senior management of organizations to improve the way their management team approach leadership decisions and strategies.

3. Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a profession that has become a fast-growing area in the field of life coaching. Many individuals are seeking help in these areas; they will not seek out a relationship coach unless they are at their wits end in their relationships. Examples of individuals needing these type of coaches include married couples, single individuals with romantic, family or professional relationship issues, parents needing help with their children, etc.
Relationship coaches help individuals improve the quality of their relationships; how their clients approach the relationships that they are part of. Other coaching specialties such as dating coaching and parenting or family coaching are oftentimes grouped under relationship coaching.

The most significant thing to recognize when you are choosing from the numerous coaching niches out there is to make sure you are choosing the ones that you are confident with (i.e. Have some amount of expertise and skills.). When your coaching specialty is clearly defined, you are then able to provide the most efficient service to your clients.

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