Why Consider The University of Texas Executive Coaching Program

The University of Texas Executive Coaching Program at Dallas is one of the few accredited university programs in the nation. The executive coaching program offers a full professional coaching certificate that can be earned by distance learning. The program is offered through the Naveen Jindal School of Management. Who is the University of Texas Executive Coaching Program For? This University of Texas at Dallas offers this International Coach Federation accredited program to individuals … [Read more...]

What are the Legal Requirements to Become a Life Coach?

Are there any specific legal requirements to become a life coach? If so, what are they and where can they be found? There are No Legal Requirements to Become a Life Coach There's no specific legal requirements or regulations that must be followed when becoming a life coach. It's a wide open field and anyone can call themselves a life coach. But, if you were looking to hire a life coach, would you hire just anyone? Or would you look to find the most qualified coach? One would fits what … [Read more...]

Money Coaches Canada – Best Financial Advice in Canada

Money Coaches Canada is one of the leading providers of advice-only financial planning and money coaching. They help their clients improve cash flow, reduce debt, invest wisely, save safely, and plan for both short-term and long-term goals. The Founders of Money Coaches Canada Sheila Walkington:  Sheila is a former banker who truly desired to be a financial planner. When she made the move to financial planning she was disappointed in the usual business model of having to sell investments … [Read more...]

How Does a Financial Freedom Coach Differ From a Money Coach?

What can you do as a financial freedom coach? What can you offer your clients when you focus on financial freedom and independence?  Are you really just a money coach? You can offer your clients much more than the knowledge of how to manage their money and financial habits. You can also offer them the potential for financial freedom! What is Financial Freedom? Financial freedom means many different things to different people. For some people, it means never having to worry about putting … [Read more...]

What is Romans 15 Life Coaching?

What is Romans 15 Life Coaching? It is a life coaching ministry at Fair Oaks Church, and it's a bit difficult to figure out who is behind it and how to work with it. It's kind of a mystery – so not sure how much business they want since they make it difficult to find out the particulars on Romans 15 Life Coaching. But, it’s easy to find online, and there is a good deal of information on the webpage and on various blogs in the archives. However, one of the links to a different page was bad, … [Read more...]

The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching For Every Coach and Every Client

The art and practice of leadership coaching is about bringing leadership coaching into your coaching practice, no matter what type of coach you are. People often associate leadership coaching with executive coaches or business coaches because they work with clients who manage others. However, leadership coaching is effective for all clients no matter what type of coach they need. Everyone who seeks out the services of a coach can use some help in being a better leader. Whether the client … [Read more...]

The Leadership Interactions of Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring

Understanding the leadership interactions of counseling, coaching, and mentoring can help boost your coaching career. Knowing the difference between counseling, coaching, and mentoring can help you implement all of these in you coaching practice. Knowing how they relate to leadership can help you find more successful outcomes for more clients. Leadership The leadership interactions of counseling, coaching, and mentoring begins with leadership. Leadership doesn't have a one-size-fits-all … [Read more...]

6 Tips For a Powerful Relationship Coach Website That Attracts Clients

As a relationship coach, your relationship coach website is one of the most visible indications of who you are and how you coach. Think about how you might choose someone to date – you want your website to be smart, attractive, sexy, and very informative. Here are a few tips on making your relationship coach website stand out from the crowd, and making it an important part of your marketing plan and your business. 6 Tips for a Powerful Relationship Coach Website That Attracts … [Read more...]

How to be a Transformational Personal Weight Loss Coach

Almost anyone can be a personal weight loss coach, but very few can be a transformational personal weight loss coach. Most weight loss coaches can help their clients lose a few pounds, maybe even more than a few. Most weight coaches, or wellness coaches can teach clients about diet, nutrition, and exercise. But, not that many can truly help their clients transform their bodies, habits, and beliefs about weight, nutrition, and exercise. Weight Loss is Not Just About Counting Calories Yes, … [Read more...]

Coaching Skills Checklist: A Great Resource For Every Coach

What Credentials are Needed to Become a Life Coach?

Are you wondering what credentials are needed to become a life coach? Are you wondering what education or training is needed to enter the life coaching profession? Life Coaching is Open to Everyone No degree, formal training, or specific credentials are needed to become a life coach. No regulatory standards exist, though governing bodies such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) have worked  to create industry standards and core competencies. If you are wondering what … [Read more...]