The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching For Every Coach and Every Client

The art and practice of leadership coaching is about bringing leadership coaching into your coaching practice, no matter what type of coach you are. People often associate leadership coaching with executive coaches or business coaches because they work with clients who manage others.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

However, leadership coaching is effective for all clients no matter what type of coach they need. Everyone who seeks out the services of a coach can use some help in being a better leader. Whether the client leads a large multinational firm with thousands of employees, or the client is just seeking to improve their life and reach a goal, leadership counts!

Buy the Book – The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching

The book, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching: 50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets, by Howard Morgan, Phil Harkins, and Marshall Goldsmith, is a good place to start for a decent understanding of the importance of leadership coaching. Though it focuses on executive coaches, it has implications and information for coaches of every stripe. The book presents different perspectives and offers a wealth of best practices from some of the best coaches in the world.

Why Dos a Life Coach Need to Know About Leadership Coaching?

Life coaches usually involves working with individuals. These individuals have usually hired a coach to help them reach career, relationship, health, or personal goals. These clients are most likely not leading organizations. These individuals are more often than not leaders in their personal or professional lives.

But, they do have one person to lead, right? They have themselves to inform, motivate, and inspire. They have themselves to support and hold accountable. They have individual goals to identify, clarify, and work toward. These are all things that leaders do.

Leadership is also often about vision, and even individuals need vision if they want to achieve their goals. Because vision matters, because goal identification matters, because support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability matter – the art and practice of leadership coaching will matter in your business if you want to create positive outcomes for your clients, and if you want to build a better and more profitable coaching practice.

The Art and Practice of Coaching Leadership

Leadership coaching is intertwined with all types of coaching, and is beneficial to all clients, no matter their goals. The art and practice of leadership coaching requires you to focus on the person and not the subject. The art and practice of teaching leadership skills focuses on the client themselves and not their goals.

Coaching is about building an individual’s personal skills, including setting goals, behavior modification, communication, decision making, problem solving, and accountability measurement. Coaching is about helping the client find their inner creativity, their hidden skills, and their latent resources. The ability to achieve a stated goal will come after the client has improved these skills. The ability to achieve will come after the client has learned how to become their own leader.

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  1. Saiza says

    I would not think twice about buying the suggested book on leadership since the authors who have given their ideas are those that are pillars in the industry. I will say again, experience is the best teacher. Great!

  2. Ralph Gonzales says

    I agree that everyone must have the skills of a leader if one wants to achieve success. It is therefore necessary that all coaches be able first and foremost to train their clients in leadership skills whether the client is just one person or an owner of a firm that employs hundreds. Two thumbs up!

  3. Kathleen says

    This is such a great find! Ive come across this book before and I still live by it.

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