How Does a Financial Freedom Coach Differ From a Money Coach?

What can you do as a financial freedom coach? What can you offer your clients when you focus on financial freedom and independence?  Are you really just a money coach? You can offer your clients much more than the knowledge of how to manage their money and financial habits. You can also offer them the potential for financial freedom! What is Financial Freedom? Financial freedom means many different things to different people. For some people, it means never having to worry about putting … [Read more...]

Who Needs a Money Coach? What People Really Want is a Financial Freedom Coach

No one really needs money or a money coach. Sure they might think they do, but what they really want is what they can get with that money or from that money coach. They want the ability to choose. Basically, money is a unit of choice. If you have $500 and you want to buy a car you will have fewer choices than someone who as $5,000 or even $50,000. A financial freedom coach can help define and achieve goals in a way that clients feel successful along the way. Being a Money Coach Requires that … [Read more...]

As A Money Coach Or Financial Freedom Coach, How Do You Increase Your Client’s Income?

As a money coach or financial freedom coach, how can you help your client increase their income? First, you will give them the services of a financial freedom coach to manage their money better. As a money coach, you know clients will likely need to increase their income to achieve their goals. We are going to cover two coaching strategies to help you coach your clients to increase their income. As A Money Coach Or Financial Freedom Coach, You Must Change Your Clients Money Habits Our habits … [Read more...]