How to be a Transformational Personal Weight Loss Coach

Almost anyone can be a personal weight loss coach, but very few can be a transformational personal weight loss coach. Most weight loss coaches can help their clients lose a few pounds, maybe even more than a few. Most weight coaches, or wellness coaches can teach clients about diet, nutrition, and exercise. But, not that many can truly help their clients transform their bodies, habits, and beliefs about weight, nutrition, and exercise.

Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach

Weight Loss is Not Just About Counting Calories

Yes, calories matter. Yes, to truly lose weight you need to take in less calories than you burn. And yes, a good weight loss coach can help you learn about the caloric content of food and your body’s ability to burn those calories through exercise. But, permanent weight loss is more than counting calories.

Weight Loss is Not Just About Diet and Exercise

Though diet and exercise are crucial components of losing weight and keeping it off, there is more to the story than that. For true permanent weight loss, a lifestyle transformation must take place. You can learn about what to eat and what foods to avoid, and you can learn about the best ways to get motivated for exercise and activity, but transformational personal weight loss coaches can do even more than that!

A Transformational Personal Weight Loss Coach Can Transform Clients

A transformational personal weight loss coach can help clients alter their belief systems and change their behavior. How do you think about food? How do you treat meals? How to you attack hunger? How do you make personal food choices? How do you feel about exercise? Have you found the right type of exercise? Can you possibly learn to love exercise and physical activity?  How to you incorporate food into your daily life?

These are questions a weight loss coach should be asking. And they are all questions for which a good weight loss coach should have answers and outcomes.

Weight Loss Coaches Help People Lose the Weight

A pilot project from the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island found that when people were assigned a health coach, whether it was a behavioral specialist or merely a peer, they were able to lose 9 percent of their body weight over 24 weeks. There was no control group, so this wasn’t a clinically correct study, but it does hint at the power of having someone help you lose weight.

Be Better Than a Buddy – be a Transformational Weight Loss Coach

The study used peers or buddies, and they were also beneficial in helping ensure weight loss. But, if you want to be a truly transformational personal weight loss coach, you need to be better than a buddy, and have more outcomes than a peer.

To be a weight loss who is truly transformational, and who possesses the right outcomes for their clients, you need to out work your peers, pursue more education and classes than your peers, develop ways to assess and measure your success, and bring in behavioral therapy and positive psychology to your practice. By using both cutting edge and time-tested theories and tools in your weight with clients, you will transform their lives.

When you have the power to transform others, and give them a new life, and a new outlook on life – you have truly become a transformational personal weight loss coach!

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  1. David Withworth says

    The transformational weight loss coach must be able to help his/her client through a total change in lifestyle, eating habits, principles of wellness,health and nutrition. This necessitates his/her training and the use of cutting edge ideas and programmes that have succeeded in these fields.

  2. Vicky Withworth says

    To be a weight loss coach if far more different than to be a transformational weight loss coach. One must realize that weight loss is not only counting calories,losing weight, diet, and exercise…in fact it is all that and more…a change in attitude, beliefs, and lifestyle…a total transformation. Great!

  3. Joseph says

    Before becoming a transformational weight loss coach, they must be the coach for themselves. Show your results by following what you say. People will definitely follow you when they know you are reliable.

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