What Credentials are Needed to Become a Life Coach?

Are you wondering what credentials are needed to become a life coach? Are you wondering what education or training is needed to enter the life coaching profession?

Become a Life Coach
Become a Life Coach

Life Coaching is Open to Everyone

No degree, formal training, or specific credentials are needed to become a life coach. No regulatory standards exist, though governing bodies such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) have worked  to create industry standards and core competencies.

If you are wondering what credentials are needed to become a life coach, then wonder no more. You don’t need a college degree, you don’t need any formal coach training, and you don’t have to have any type of license.

One day you can wake up and say, “I want to be a life coach.”  And you can hang out a shingle, print a few business cards, and start your own life coaching business. Unlike psychologists, doctors, electricians, lawyers, or contractors, coaching is not regulated as a credentialed profession. So, you don’t need to wonder what credentials are needed to become a life coaching professional because there are none required.

But, can you be successful without nay training?

What Credentials are Needed to Become a Life Coach Who Prospers and Succeeds?

This is a much different question. Yes, you have a chance to succeed even without any formal training or education, but the chances for success go up exponentially when you get some formal coach training. A college degree is great, but not necessary; coach training is, as mentioned, not required, but nearly essential for success in a very competitive industry.

So, formal training is not required, but it is the answer to the question: What credentials are need to become a life coach? Get trained!

What is Coach Training?

Good coach training should consist of learning the skills, theories, and tools needed to be a life coach. It should also provide mentorship and courses on how to start and operate a business. Though the coaching program you choose doesn’t have to be accredited, it is best if it has been accredited by one of the governing bodies in the coaching industry.

The right coach training should fit your schedule, be flexible, have a good reputation, fit your budget, and possess an accreditation.

What is the ICF?

The International Coach Federation is the leading coach credentialing organization in the industry. Many coaches opt to become a member of the ICF, even though it is not required. The ICF supports the industry becoming a licensed field, and many coaching experts believe this will happen sometime in the next five to ten years. So, to be ready for these potential changes, and to become the best coach you can be, you should get your coaching credential.

Get Trained, Get a Credential, and be Successful

You wouldn’t want you doctor to be unlicensed or to have skipped med school. You most likely would want your attorney to have gone to law school and passed the bar exam, and that is how most people are beginning to feel about life coaches. So, don’t ask the question: What credentials are needed to become a life coach? No, stop asking and start doing. Get trained, get a credential, and start your life coaching practice.

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  1. Victoria Ali says

    Ditto with the author…I would’t trust my life to a person who didn’t finish Medical School nor a case with a Law graduate who didn’t pass the Bar. The same is true for coaching…he would need the credentials and the training!

  2. Vito Cruz says

    With the boom in the requirements for “coaching” and no prerequisites, it would be easy to decide to be one and jump onto the bandwagon. But as to the guarantee for success…a big question mark. Any endeavor considering the competion, needs credentials, training, education for it to succeed. Yes!Yes!

  3. Joseph says

    I agree with this post, you don’t need anything to start becoming a life coach, you only need to be interested in it. But becoming a successful life coach is another story altogether. It’s true you’ll need proper training for that.

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