What is Romans 15 Life Coaching?

What is Romans 15 Life Coaching? It is a life coaching ministry at Fair Oaks Church, and it’s a bit difficult to figure out who is behind it and how to work with it. It’s kind of a mystery – so not sure how much business they want since they make it difficult to find out the particulars on Romans 15 Life Coaching.

But, it’s easy to find online, and there is a good deal of information on the webpage and on various blogs in the archives. However, one of the links to a different page was bad, and that is the webpage associated with the email address provided for anyone who wanted more information. Again – it’s a mystery!

What is Romans 15?

Romans is a specific book of the Bible, and the 15 refers to the chapter. Romans is the sixth book in the New Testament and was composed by the Apostle Paul to explain to followers that true salvation is found through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans 15 is about the strong believer’s responsibility to those whose beliefs are weaker. Those who are strong in faith have a moral obligation to help the weak. The strong should have the mind of Christ by understanding the Scriptures.

Romans 15 Life Coaching

A Romans 15 life coach would use this book and chapter to guide them to take their string faith and help others become string in their own faith. This is a foundation for Christian life coaching. Christian coaches can provide guidance in many areas – these include:

  • Marriage and dating relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Parenting
  • Teenagers
  • Loss, trauma, and grief
  • Finance and debt-free living
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Health and wellness

All of these areas would be covered using God-centered coaching within a Christian-values framework. Romans 15 Coaching integrates Christian ethics and values with life’s challenges and problems. For believers and those who want to live their Christian values in a secular world, Christian life coaching is often the best way to create goals and reach your dreams.

Take a Chance on Romans 15 Life Coaching

If you believe strongly in Christian values and want to live a life that is God-centered, you might want to take a look at Romans 15 Coaching. You can check them out on Facebook and Linkedin.

Like many things on the Internet, you can find both a wealth of information, and a frustrating amount of bad links. It’s also hard to pin down who the coach is. There are links to click on their Facebook page to inquire about the address, the hours, and the prices. That might be the place to start if you are seriously considering Christian life coaching. I couldn’t even figure out where Fair Oaks Church is located – perhaps it’s just a virtual church!

But, check out Romans 15 Life Coaching if you are interested in finding a life coach who works within the framework of Christian values. You can spend some time perusing the website and perhaps you can find out who is behind this Christian life coaching ministry!

  • Balancing work, family, and leisure.

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  1. Jam says

    The article said that it was difficult to get information about this Life coaching ministry as the web pages and the links were unavailable, however if one were to deduce from the name, Romans 15, it is a book found in the Bible and one can conclude that it follows the Christian concepts.

  2. Donald Philipps says

    If one were to follow this deduction, Romans 15 Life Coaching would be life coaching within a Christian value framework. So for those who would like to try and are seeking this type of coaching, they may try the various links although it is unclear and difficult.

  3. Juno says

    I think it’s actually rare to find these kinds of coaching techniques and some people might not be open to it immediately because of the use of the Bible so people who would follow with this should be careful

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