How to Coach Burnout – Athlete- Sport – Player?

Blog articles are often based around keyword phrases that are generated automatically by some program, and the one for today is, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player.” If anyone is looking for the keyword phrase, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player,” they may want to go back and take English 101 again or read a grammar book. I realize that the Internet wasn't built by grammar addicts, but this one may be pushing the grammatically incorrect envelope just a bit! What Does, How to … [Read more...]

What is a Spiritual Money Coach?

What is a spiritual money coach and why would anyone need one? It sounds like some new-age, dressed in flowing robes, staring out at the sea, mediation type nonsense, but are there really spiritual money coaches and if so, what do they do? What Does “Spiritual” Mean? The most common definition of “spiritual” is that it is something concerned with sacred matters, religion, or the church. However, it also can refer to something that affects the spirit of the soul. Does money affect your … [Read more...]

Have You Heard About Vistage Executive Coaching?

Have you heard the name Vistage Executive Coaching? If you own or manage a business, you might want to write this name down – Vistage Executive Coaching. What is Vistage Executive Coaching? Vistage is an executive coaching company that provides business coaching and leadership training for executives and CEOs. They bring together groups of executives, owners, and managers from a wide range of industries; each group is designed to help members improve their business performance by learning … [Read more...]

Do You Give Life Coach Relationship Training Homework?

What if you gave life coach relationship training homework to do? Do you think that your clients would do it? Do you think they would take the time out of their day to work on their life coach relationship training homework? Should a Life Coach Give Homework? Ok – life coaches, what do you think? Should you give homework to your clients? Most of your clients are probably far removed from their school days - do you think it would be worthwhile to give relationship homework? The Benefits of … [Read more...]

Become an Online Fitness Competition Coach

Here's a new coaching niche for you – online fitness competition coach. Can this really be a coaching niche? Is there much demand for an online fitness competition coach? I have no idea, but I do know that there are plenty of fitness competitions, and many competitors need a coach to get maximum results. Be an Online Fitness Competition Coach I seriously doubt that you could earn a living in the beginning of your coaching career as an online fitness competition coach. This gig would be … [Read more...]

What is Play Coach Fitness Integral?

In an effort to scour the Internet and come up with anything and everything to do with the coaching profession, I came across Play Coach Fitness Integral. What is Play Coach Fitness Integral? Glad you asked! What is Play Coach Integral? From the various entries online, it seems as if Play Coach Fitness Integral is a French product offering fitness videos. Many of the sites detailing this fitness product are in French, so it is a bit difficult to figure out the details of the product. I … [Read more...]

What is a Prestigious Coaching Certification?

Are you looking for a prestigious coaching certification? Do you even know what a prestigious coaching certification is? Does Coaching Certification Even Matter? Can you be a coach without a certification? Do you need something hanging on your wall to prove to the world that you can coach? Well – yes and no. You are not required to have any certifications to call yourself a coach. You can open an office, advertise for clients, and start charging the minute your first client walks … [Read more...]

What is Sure Success Coaching Lucknow?

Sure Success Coaching Lucknow is a coaching training institute in Lucknow, India. Though most people reading this will probably never travel to Lucknow, it is interesting to find out about coaching programs in far-away, exotic locales around the world. Sure Success Coaching Lucknow is one of those far-away programs. Where is Lucknow? You most likely haven't heard of Sure Success Coaching Lucknow, and you probably haven't heard of the city of Lucknow. Lucknow is the capital city of … [Read more...]

Will You Be a Success in the Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Business?

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is the wave of the future. But, can people really get healthy by sitting in front of your computer? Can you make money coaching fitness online? The Future of Fitness and Nutrition Fitness and nutrition is moving online. No – it won’t all be online, at least it won’t until machines replace man. But, as long as there are humans, there will still be a need for gyms, trails, bikes, weights, and kitchens. Humans have to move, and they have to eat … [Read more...]