A Spiritual Money Coach – Combining Spirituality and Finances

Do you know what a spiritual money coach does? Have you even heard of a spiritual money coach? Would you use one if you know what the heck it was? What is a Spiritual Money Coach? In many ways, spiritual money coaches combine finances with spirituality. This doesn't mean that they help you learn how to pray for more money – oh Lord, please help me pay my bills, or dear Lord, please help me earn enough money to buy that yacht I have always wanted. Combining spirituality and finances is … [Read more...]

What is a Spiritual Money Coach?

What is a spiritual money coach and why would anyone need one? It sounds like some new-age, dressed in flowing robes, staring out at the sea, mediation type nonsense, but are there really spiritual money coaches and if so, what do they do? What Does “Spiritual” Mean? The most common definition of “spiritual” is that it is something concerned with sacred matters, religion, or the church. However, it also can refer to something that affects the spirit of the soul. Does money affect your … [Read more...]