What is Play Coach Fitness Integral?

In an effort to scour the Internet and come up with anything and everything to do with the coaching profession, I came across Play Coach Fitness Integral. What is Play Coach Fitness Integral? Glad you asked!

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What is Play Coach Integral?

From the various entries online, it seems as if Play Coach Fitness Integral is a French product offering fitness videos. Many of the sites detailing this fitness product are in French, so it is a bit difficult to figure out the details of the product. I took French in high school – I wasn’t very good with it then, and since it was well over thirty years ago, I certainly don’t recall much of it now.

This Play Coach Fitness product seems to offer several hours of training videos which work all the muscles of the body. Though it looks to be a French product, it does say that the videos are in English. The product comes as an app for mobile devices and offers over 500 downloads. There is one user rating in the Google Play store for this app – the reviewer gives it 3.2 stars out of 5

Would I Purchase Play Coach Fitness Integral?

The product sells for $4.99 in the Google Play store, but since I can’t really figure out much about the app and its videos, I would be reluctant to buy it until I find out more about the product. It’s a small amount of money, so I suppose it’s worth a try, but I might look to other products for which I can find plenty of information before spending my hard-earned cash!

What Does Play Coach Fitness Integral Mean?

To be honest, I don’t know what the makers of the app had in mind, but I can speculate. In fact, the name of the product is quite intriguing and would make me interested in checking it out.

Using the word “play” in the title makes it sounds as if the exercise videos are fun. The more fun you can have while working out, the more likely someone is to stay with the program and actually derive some benefits from it. Using the word “integral” suggests that the makers of this app are making play an integral part of the workout.

Play, coaching, fitness, integral all go together to create a fitness program that is integrated with fun!

Making Fitness Fun

How you exercise isn’t as important as finding and maintaining that inner drive to actually do it and keep on doing it. You can follow a program for a few weeks or months, but if it isn’t fun, there’s a good chance you’ll stop doing it. You may reap a few benefits – a few less pounds and few better numbers on your medical check up, but in the long run, those numbers won’t last if you stop exercising.

What’s the secret to motivating someone to put down the remote (or that can of beer) and start a task that is sweaty, tiring, and sometimes tedious? Making it fun!

Fitness has to be fun – it has to be something you enjoy, something you look forward to, and something that motivates you to get off the couch and start moving!

From what I can tell, the makers of the Play Coach Fitness Integral app attempt to make fitness fun. The more fun it is, the more likely you will stick with it and get real results.

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  1. Albert says

    I will agree to the fact that to keep onto a fitness program, one has to enjoy it. Without the element of fun nothing really lasts in this kinds of programs.

  2. Louise says

    As the author suggests it is a French fitness application that offers videos. Should be interesting but one has to see to be able to give a believable comment.

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