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Here’s a new coaching niche for you – online fitness competition coach. Can this really be a coaching niche? Is there much demand for an online fitness competition coach? I have no idea, but I do know that there are plenty of fitness competitions, and many competitors need a coach to get maximum results.

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Be an Online Fitness Competition Coach

I seriously doubt that you could earn a living in the beginning of your coaching career as an online fitness competition coach. This gig would be for experienced coaches who want to expand and redefine their coaching practices. It could be a great way to expand their business and find new sources of income.

Who Could Be a Fitness Competition Coach?

Anyone who is into fitness and coaching would be a candidate for this type of coaching. You must have a passion for fitness and competition. Many fitness professionals see health and fitness as personal endeavors and not as competitions. However, America, and the world loves a good competition, and the fitness world is filled with various types of competitions.

If you have a passion for competition, here are a few of the skills needed to be an online fitness competition coaching expert:

  • Knowledgeable and trained in fitness.
  • Knowledgeable and trained in the specific types of fitness events you want to coach.
  • Trained and skilled in the latest coaching techniques.
  • Natural ability as a motivator.
  • Trained and skilled as a communicator.
  • Willing to continually pursue education and training to keep up with the latest trends in the fitness industry.
  • Trained in good coaching techniques, such as active listening and inquiry.

Types of Fitness Competitions

There are many different types of fitness competitions, ranging from pure strength contests to something close to a beauty contest. Here are a sample of them:

  • Bodybuilding contests
  • Weight lifting/Power lifting contests
  • Strength events
  • Bikini/Figure competitions
  • Physique competitions – hybrid of bodybuilding and figure contests
  • Fitness competitions
  • Cross-Fit events

If you have competed in any of these events, you can make the jump from competitor to coach easier than others. However, you don’t need to have experience as a competitor to actually coach – you just need the passion, the training, and the desire to work as hard as the person you are coaching.

Take Your Coaching Online

Once you have decided to become a fitness competition coach, you can take your business global by becoming an online fitness competition coach. Taking some or all of your business online gives you exposure to a much larger pool of potential clients. You can still keep your base of clients you meet in person because coaching competitors seems to be more of a face-to-face business. However, you can supplement your coaching with videos, email, and webinars, while also reaching out to others who are outside your geographical area.

Though most of your business will probably be in person due to the nature of coaching athletic performance, taking part of your business online is a smart way to reach more potential clients and create an additional revenue stream. Becoming an online fitness competition coach doesn’t mean you won’t be sweating in the gym with your clients; it just means you’ll also have additional clients learning from you online and bringing you more income.

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  1. Joe says

    I agree with the author that one must be a fitness coach first and develop a customer base before going online.

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