Do You Give Life Coach Relationship Training Homework?

What if you gave life coach relationship training homework to do? Do you think that your clients would do it? Do you think they would take the time out of their day to work on their life coach relationship training homework?

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Should a Life Coach Give Homework?

Ok – life coaches, what do you think? Should you give homework to your clients? Most of your clients are probably far removed from their school days – do you think it would be worthwhile to give relationship homework?

The Benefits of Homework

I can hear everyone groaning out there. Homework – I hate homework! But, there is a reason teachers give homework, and there are also reasons coaches should give life coach relationship training homework

The benefits of coaching homework:

  • Homework shows clients that the job of achieving their goals an dreams is not easy and is really their alone. They need to take responsibility for their own growth and development.
  • Homework helps clients learn to think about and solve their own issues independently.
  • Homework assignments provide clients with additional opportunities to review what has taken place in the coaching sessions.
  • Homework assignments allow the life coach time to review how well the coaching has been going, and may help the coach design and offer more ways to solve relationship problems and other issues.
  • Homework shows clients that improvement is not easy – it takes patience, effort, time, and a little extra homework on the side!

Some Great Ideas for Life Coach Relationship Training Homework

So – what type of training homework should you give? You are only limited by your imagination, but here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • Journals. If your clients aren’t already keeping a journal, it’s time for them to start. Keeping a journal allows clients the opportunity to identify new needs, develop their own ideas, keep track of their progress, and understand how change happens.
  • Worksheets and quizzes. At first, your clients may balk at the thought of quizzes and worksheets. It may remind them too much of school. But, if you can design them with fun questions and interesting assignments, they may quickly learn to love them.
  • Create dream boards. Most people are visual learners, and dream boards help them see what is happening, and what progress is being made. Dream boards are great when you are coaching a couple, as they can both see each others’ goals and dreams right there in pictures! It is one of the most powerful types of life coaching relationship training homework you can give.
  • Reading. Some clients love to read, others not so much. But, outside reading is a great way for them to work on additional relationship training while not in session.
  • Games and exercises. If you are working with a couple, this is another powerful life coach relationship training homework assignment. Role play games are especially revealing for couples – they can work on these without anyone watching, and they might be surprised at how well games and exercises provide insight and understanding.

If you aren’t already giving life coach relationship training homework assignments, you should start making them a part of your coaching practice. These extra outside assignments often speed up progress and help you find outcomes for your clients that you may never have found.

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