The “Should I Become a Life Coach” Quiz: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself

You think you have what it takes to become a coach? This ‘should I become a life coach quiz’ will tell whether or not you got the moxie, the work ethic, and the talent. See below and take this little test that can help you figure out if you have the right stuff to be a coach. Answering the following questions can help you determine if coaching is the right gig for you. It is a great career, but it is a special field for special people who wish to help others become special. Be honest with … [Read more...]

3 Reasons it Takes Guts to Become a Certified Life Coach

Life coaching is a true partnership in which a coach empowers a client – this is what you can be part of when you become a certified life coach. Life coaches serve their clients by opening their eyes to possibilities, helping them move past self-imposed barriers, and aiding them in creating life plans. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has found that over 98% of coaching clients thought that coaching was worth the money. Sound like something you want to be a part of? To get off the … [Read more...]

How to Become a Certified Career Coach in 10 Steps

If you want to become a certified career coach, the following 10 steps will put you on the pathway to success in a dynamic and rewarding industry. Get started now and be on your way to a great career! How to Become a Certified Career Coach in 10 Steps 1. Determine your goals. Do you want to run your own practice, work in a career counseling office, or in a school counseling center? Identifying these goals is not an absolute necessity when you start out, but it helps to provide focus as you … [Read more...]

Do You Become a Life Coach? Read the Fine Print First

Do you become a life coach? Great question, glad you asked. Coaching is a great gig – you can work for yourself, chart your own course, and help people find their true destiny. You can use your passion to help others find out how to discover and use their passions. Sounds great, right? It is, but before you jump in to the coaching field, you should read the fine print. Their are caveats and warnings. Let's talk about some of the things people believe about coaching and separate the truth from … [Read more...]

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework – 5 Step Plan

Is there any life coach relationship training homework that helps your clients find that old relationship magic? Can you design a homework plan for your clients which will help them put spice back in to a tired relationship? Everyone is different and every relationship is unique, however, there are similarities in any relationship. In a survey from the National Institute of Marriage, unconditional acceptance and companionship were the most common wants in a relationship. Trust and emotional … [Read more...]

Become a Certified Life Coach – What, Why and How

Before you invest the money, time and effort to become a certified life coach, it makes a lot of sense to understand what that really is, why you would want to be one, and how to go about getting there. That is just what we are going to explore in this blog post. Just What Is a Life Coach? A well trained life coach is like a doctor as they emerge from their internship. They have a broad knowledge which addresses most of the medical needs of their patients. They can help a lot of different … [Read more...]

4 Reasons it Takes Guts and Grit to Become a Certified Life Coach

To become a certified life coach takes more than hard work, training, and skill – it takes guts and grit. No guts, no glory not only rings true on the athletic fields, it also rings true in the coaching industry. To become a certified life coach certainly takes hard work – you need the proper training, extensive practice, and the pursuit of education and knowledge never ends. As a coach, your goal is to be a facilitator for your clients' success. That takes plenty of hard work. However, … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Finding a Coaching Niche

Are you a coach struggling with the decision on finding a coaching niche? Are you afraid that focusing on just one niche will limit your opportunities? If so, guess what? There's no need to fear getting in to a niche. Niches work. Niches make it easier for you to become an expert – a recognized go-to person in that niche. Niches can be profitable – very profitable. Think “niche”, and you will be on your way to coaching riches – professional, personally, and financially. Not convinced yet … [Read more...]

What Is a Reasonable Training Coach Timeline?

What is a reasonable coach training timeline? That’s easy. Start immediately and continue to learn forever. That might be a bit “macro” for most, so let’s take a closer look. But before we get too far, ask yourself “Why do we say a Medical Practice?” We do it because it is a work in progress. If you are a coach, you have a coaching practice. You are and always will be a work in progress. OK. So now let’s take that closer look. Coaching Training There are two ideas here: first, start … [Read more...]

10 Life Coaching Tools to Gain and Retain Clients

All life coaches should have a toolbox filled with life coaching tools. These tools are gained through training, experience, and the pursuit of knowledge. These tools are learned from other coaches, classes, seminars, books, DVDs, online content, and previous successes and failures. Though the toolbox is filled with many different kinds of tools that perform different tasks, each toolbox must have tools that work to gain and retain clients. The following life coaching tools should be … [Read more...]