They Want to Know About The Education Required to Be a Coach

Hey Coach Jey, What is the education required to be a coach and where can I get my certification?" This just came into my email box for the eleventh time in a row today. Ever since I was featured in the New York Times as one of the young successful coaches of our time my inbox has been flooded with this same question. Young men and women all over the world are reaching out to me, wondering how they too can become a life coach. Look Inward Before You Seek Outward I'm always shocked in my … [Read more...]

10 Lifecoaching Courses You Can Take From Life

Most coaches take lifecoaching courses as part of a coaching program, but there are many life coaching courses that are available for free, from the best lifecoaching school there is – LIFE! Here are 10 life lessons that serve well as lifecoaching courses. If you can learn from these life lessons and bring what you have learned into your coaching style, you will certainly become a better coach. The Top 10 Lifecoaching Courses You Can Take in the Real World Happiness 101. You have … [Read more...]

Is a Psychology Coach a Psychologist?

A question that always comes up from people interested in becoming a coach is: What is the difference between a psychology coach and a psychologist? The answer to this question falls into three areas: focus, training, and regulation. These are important distinctions with legal implications. Coaches Are Future Focused In general, a psychology coach is future focused. They want to know where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there. They don’t look into the past. They don’t really … [Read more...]

Magic Words For Success Coach Success

Are you a success coach looking for success coach success? Thinking of getting into the success coaching field and wondering what it takes to be a successful success coach? There are a few magic words that will help you determine if success is in your future. 5 Magic Words For Success Coach Success Here are the five magic words that you can use to decide if success coaching is right for you. Got the Coaching Passion? Passion. Many people work in jobs or careers for which they have no … [Read more...]

Stephen Covey – Bald and Bold

Stephen Covey once said, β€œin the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.” Well, the last analysis is here – Stephen Covey passed away at the age of 70 on July 16th due to complications of a biking accident in April. Covey, best known for his mega-best selling book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People made an impact on a wide range of entities, from individuals to Fortune 100 corporations to schools. Countless success stories have been inspired by … [Read more...]