What is a Positive Psychology Coach?

What is a positive psychology coach and why does it matter? It is the empirical study of how people and organizations prosper and flourish, what works well and functions properly, and how to positively and resiliently deal with problems and issues as they arise. Though the field is called positive psychology, it is sort of a misnomer in that it aligns itself with the practice of coaching more than it does with the field of psychology. A positive psychology coach shifts the focus away from … [Read more...]

Is a Psychology Coach a Psychologist?

A question that always comes up from people interested in becoming a coach is: What is the difference between a psychology coach and a psychologist? The answer to this question falls into three areas: focus, training, and regulation. These are important distinctions with legal implications. Coaches Are Future Focused In general, a psychology coach is future focused. They want to know where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there. They don’t look into the past. They don’t really … [Read more...]