What Is Success for the Success Coach?

Success – Success – Success - What is success for the success coach? Once you realize that the great Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “success” as “the degree of succeeding” you can imagine that this isn’t such of simple question. Who Gets to Decide what Success Is? A useful definition of success that I have always preferred is that “success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.” I like this definition because it clearly exposes the issues. For example, what is a worthwhile … [Read more...]

Magic Words For Success Coach Success

Are you a success coach looking for success coach success? Thinking of getting into the success coaching field and wondering what it takes to be a successful success coach? There are a few magic words that will help you determine if success is in your future. 5 Magic Words For Success Coach Success Here are the five magic words that you can use to decide if success coaching is right for you. Got the Coaching Passion? Passion. Many people work in jobs or careers for which they have no … [Read more...]