To Become a Relationship Coach, Get Coach Training on What to do When Only One Partner Willing

How on earth are you supposed to become a relationship coach when only half of the relationship is willing to work with you? Not as tricky as you may think with a little coach training I learned from my friend Tony. Tony decided he wanted to have an aquarium. He had a stressful job and wanted to have a low maintenance pet. So he bought some equipment and a few fish. What does this have to do with how to become a relationship coach? Get the Flash Player to see this … [Read more...]

Coach Training Techniques – How to use Assessments to Become a Relationship Coach

To become relationship coach, you will need some powerful coach training techniques. About half of marriages will end in divorce. Second and third marriages have a higher rate… Statistics show that children who live in single parent families have a higher incidence of behavioral problems, likelihood of dropping out of school, drug or alcohol abuse problems, and risk for divorcing later in life. Of those couples who stay married, how many people are happy and fulfilled? And what cost is that to … [Read more...]

How to Become a Relationship Coach (An Insiders Perspective)

  Ever ask yourself how to become a relationship coach?  There is a great need out there, and it’s easier than you might think.  IF you use information from the DISC or Values Assessments. My husband and I recently went through a relationship assessment debrief.  What was most amazing was that he actually felt that the information was amazingly insightful.  Why was I so surprised?  Well, it’s because we actually don’t always see eye to eye.  It’s not just because he’s over half a foot … [Read more...]