To Become a Relationship Coach, Get Coach Training on What to do When Only One Partner Willing

How on earth are you supposed to become a relationship coach when only half of the relationship is willing to work with you? Not as tricky as you may think with a little coach training I learned from my friend Tony. Tony decided he wanted to have an aquarium. He had a stressful job and wanted to have a low maintenance pet. So he bought some equipment and a few fish.

What does this have to do with how to become a relationship coach?

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Tony started having trouble with his peaceful environment when he brought a few new fish home. Some of the fish were picking on the others, some died. As they died, Tony replaced them with other fish. Fish he chose based on what they looked like; not their personality. Things got worse as you can imagine, until he got some coach training from a helpful pet store clerk on how to become a relationship coach for fish. He had created a very aggressive environment and needed to make some changes.

Coach Training on Changing the Environment to Produce Vast Differences

Did Tony need to enroll each fish in coaching to become a relationship coach to this “family?” Of course not. The coach training that we learned from this experience is that even making a small change can dramatically change the environment.

Now how do you apply this coach training to your practice? To become a relationship coach you need to be aware that each relationship “environment” is like that of a fish tank. If your in-laws are living with you, or you them…it’s going to effect the water. Kids? The water is going to get a little grungier and it will take more maintenance to keep the water clear.

And if one of the fish is willing to transform, the other fish will have to change or move on. The rules will have to be re-written. So to become a relationship coach, you can make a huge difference even if you are only able to give one person empowering alternatives. And who knows, once your client begins to transform…the other partner might decide to join in.

So hopefully this coach training provided some encouragement to you!  Now let’s get back out there and navigate the “waters” of becoming a relationship coach.

Colette Seymann

Accounability Coach, JTS Advisors

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