My Coach Decided Not to Help Me?

Want someone to help build your coaching business? Someone to create a website for you? Someone to create a sales funnel for you? Someone to create a marketing copy for you? Me too... But at times I’ve found my desire for ‘help’ goes too far… the point of wanting someone to come and save me. And I get stuck in the trap of feeling overwhelmed and confused. My typical coaching session would include telling my coach, “I don’t know what to do…” And complaining … [Read more...]

The Big Time Lie That Crushed my Coaching Business

I blamed my family for why my coaching business wasn’t working. But I was lying to myself… I told myself I didn’t have time for my coaching business because my family needed me… ...when in reality I wasn’t willing to face my fear. Let me explain… As a mom, I’ve always drawn a line in the sand about what I was willing (or not willing) to give up for my coaching business. A few years ago, I needed more time to work on my business and I struggled to decide what I could give up … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Future & Start a Coaching Business

Take Control of Your Future & Start a Coaching Business

If you are passionate about helping people transform their lives, you can start a coaching business with a small investment and earn a handsome amount of money. The process of starting a coaching business, however, isn't as simple and straightforward as it seems. It requires you to carefully think about a niche, acquire certification, gain a lot of knowledge, develop your skills, identify and target your potential clients, and much more.  Let’s look at how big the coaching industry … [Read more...]

Embracing Hard Things in Your Coaching Business

Do you want to work a job where a boss tells you exactly what to do? NO Do you want to have someone else limit the money you make? NO Do you want to run in circles like a hamster on a wheel? NO Then you need to embrace 2 hard things in your coaching business: Big walls that require massive effort to climb. Long treks across a desert of drudgery. Imagine climbing a giant staircase… The vertical surfaces of the … [Read more...]

What to do Before You Start a Coaching Business

Hold your horses – before you start a coaching business you should take some time to see if coaching is right for you. Do you have what it takes to be a coach? Are you willing in invest the time needed to thoroughly learn the skills needed to become a coach? Coaching is Hot Coaching has been around for quite some time, but only in the last decade or so has it become hot. The coaching industry is big and it is growing both in the United States and around the world. Here are a few reasons … [Read more...]