My Coach Decided Not to Help Me?

Want someone to help build your coaching business? Someone to create a website for you? Someone to create a sales funnel for you? Someone to create a marketing copy for you? Me too... But at times I’ve found my desire for ‘help’ goes too far… the point of wanting someone to come and save me. And I get stuck in the trap of feeling overwhelmed and confused. My typical coaching session would include telling my coach, “I don’t know what to do…” And complaining … [Read more...]

Become a Professional Life Coach: Four Life Coach Tips to Find Your Niche

One of the most important aspects as you become a professional life coach is to develop a niche. Defining a niche tells the world that you are a specialist, and not just trying to be all things to all people. Often when people decide they want to become a professional life coach, they are afraid to choose a niche because they think they might miss out on potential clients. A niche simply allows you to clearly define your target market so you can become the expert. Here are a few life coach … [Read more...]

Empowering Life Coaching Training: How to Boost Your Confidence Immediately as You Get Started on Your Path to Become a Professional Life Coach

Did Life Coaching Training Give You Enough Confidence? So, you have decided to become a professional life coach and have a little life coaching training under your belt. Despite your life coaching training, do you ever wonder if you really are providing value for your clients? Are you afraid that you don’t have all the answers? Do you worry that you might give someone bad advice? Are you ever afraid that you won’t be able to become professional life coach because you don’t really have anything … [Read more...]