Psychology Coaching in Mumbai for Athletes

Is there psychology coaching in Mumbai for athletes, coaches, and others interested in sports? Are there coaches who work with athletes who specialize in the psychology of sports?

Psychology Coaching
Psychology Coaching

Coaching in India

Coaching is a $40 million industry in India, and is increasing each year. It is very common for students to use coaches to help them study for tests and work toward professional careers.  It provides plenty of employment opportunities, millions of dollars in revenue, and helps to level the playing fields for all groups of people in India.

Coaching is thriving in India for many reasons, including:

  • Increased competition for higher-paying jobs means applicants want more information, motivation, and coaching.
  • Lack of availability of quality government institutions and programs.
  • Not enough coaching type learning in schools.
  • Competitive environment for passing tests and attending schools.

Coaching in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populous city in India (and the 9th most populous in the world), and one of India’s business centers. It is the entertainment, fashion, and commercial capital of India. It contributes to India’s economy 10% of factory employment, 40% of foreign trade collection, 30% of IT collections, 60% of custom duty collection, and 6% of the total Indian economy.

Just as the coaching industry is growing in India, it is also growing in Mumbai. Psychology coaching in Mumbai is also growing as more coaches and potential clients realize the power of combining psychological principles and coaching skills.  But, will athletes look to psychology coaches in Mumbai for help in achieving their goals and improving performance?

Psychology Coaching in Mumbai for Athletes

Being thousands of miles away from Mumbai, it is difficult to tell how much demand there is for psychology coaching in Mumbai for athletes and sports professionals. A quick search on Google finds plenty of listings in Mumbai for “sports psychology coaching centres.”

Though here in the United States we don’t hear much about sports in India, the Indian sports industry is big and growing. The sport of cricket is like a religion in India, but other sports are finding more popularity in the country. Hockey, badminton, tennis, and soccer continue to gain in popularity.  Though the Olympics doesn’t garner as much interest in India as it does in many other parts of the world, India’s athletes may feel a surge of competitiveness to rally the country and their fellow athletes. In the 2016 Summer Games in Rio De Janeiro, India took home only two medals (a silver and a bronze) – a very poor total for a country as large as India. Adjusted per capita, India finished last of the 87 countries to win at least one medal.

Psychology coaching in Mumbai for athletes and sports coaches and professionals could be an industry to keep an eye on. Failure in world competitions may lead athletes to look for help in order to build a better future for India individual athletes and sports teams. It could be a great niche for coaches who want to build their business and target a market looking for solutions and outcomes.

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  1. Beth says

    This is really informative. This could actually be great for those who want to coach and travel at the same time. They get to experience new things and at the same time do the job that they want.

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