Positive Psychology Courses Will Make You a Better Coach

Taking positive psychology courses is a great way for coaches to improve their skills, continue their education, and enhance their chances for coaching success. Positive psychology is a natural fit for coaches as coaching seeks to help clients improve and enhance their overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Psychology Coaching
Psychology Coaching

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the virtues, strengths, and talents that enable individuals to prosper. It focuses on potential instead of shortcomings and problems. It is concerned with developing an individual’s potential instead of alleviating human deficits. Taking a positive psychology course or a series of courses will help coaches understand how to bring positive psychology into their coaching sessions.

The Benefits of Positive Psychology

The biggest benefit of positive psychology is increased happiness and contentment Happiness leads to many other benefits, including:

  • Better health and a longer life.
  • Better relationships with family and friends.
  • More optimism about the future and potential endeavors.
  • Increased levels of gratitude.
  • Greater commitment to the realization of life and work goals.

If you can help your clients realize these benefits after taking a few positive psychology courses, don’t you think you should start as soon as possible?

Focus on Strengths Not Weaknesses

Most coaches have heard of or used the VIA Survey of Character Strengths – a short assessment of strengths that provides a wealth of information and insight into core character strengths. It can be sued as a self-assessment, but it is also used in coaching. This is what positive psychology coaching is all about. Positive psychology uses an empirical foundation as support for strategies, exercises, and assessments, and can enhance your coaching success by finding more positive outcomes for your clients.

Positive Psychology Courses

You can find positive psychology courses in many coaching programs and at many colleges. If you are interested in coaching and are still considering college, either for an undergraduate or an advanced degree, consider an institution of higher learning that has courses in positive psychology. The University of Pennsylvania was the first in the world to offer a master’s degree in applied positive psychology, and there are now other schools that offer a similar degree.

There are also now coaching programs that offer certificates in positive psychology. Taking one of these programs can help existing coaches improve their coaching, provide more tools for their toolbox, and give them additional skills to offer their clients.

A Few Ways Coaches Can use Positive Psychology in Their Practices

Here are a few tips for current coaches before you take any positive psychology courses:

  • Get to know your client’s strengths and then help them get to know their own strengths, talents, and skills.
  • Help your clients learn how to say “thanks.”
  • Acknowledge what is good. At the start of every session, or even at the end, your clients can talk about everything that is good in life
  • Create a vision and set goals. You already do this as a coach, but focusing on an overall vision and not just specific goals will create an even more positive environment.

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