Life Coaching 2010: Personal Growth Coaching Tips to Embrace the Future

With These Personal Growth Coaching Tips You Can Make 2010 Your Best Year Yet

.How can you optimize your life coaching business for 2010?  What personal growth coaching lessons will you decide to embrace?  I hope that 2009 was a great year and that you are looking forward to another great year.  But what if you missed your mark?  Will you seek some personal growth coaching to help you transform yourself, or will you hang up your life coaching hat and give up?  Here are the top five tips to help make this year great.

Looking For the Top Five Life Coaching Tips?  Look No Farther

Personal Growth Coaching Tip #1:  Learn how to embrace sales.  Let’s put it this way, if you want a life coaching business you’re going to have to enroll people.  Enroll is just the polite way of saying ‘sell.”  If you have a negative perception of sales, it will affect your ability to enroll people into coaching.  You can give the greatest complimentary session and have the best rapport, only to loose the client in the close because of your negative beliefs.  It’s time to let those go.

Personal Growth Coaching Tip #2:  Surround yourself with positive people.  Your top five friends determine who you are.  Decide to spend your time with people who ask questions like, “Where can I find new life coaching clients?” and “What new opportunities are available?”  Avoid pity parties and people who want to drag you down with them.

Personal Growth Coaching Tip #3:  Look for new business relationships.  When times are lean, people tend to be more open to joint ventures and reciprocal referral relationships.  Who has your ideal client but a different product or service to offer?  Talk to people and see where you can offer value to services they already provide.  Perhaps you have a friend who specializes in sales coaching and your niche is life coaching for people with diabetes.  You might be able to set up cross referrals.

Personal Growth Coaching Tip #4:  Mind your mind.  Focus on opportunities instead of allowing yourself to waste time worrying.  Most of the time our greatest worries never manifest.  Focus on what you want to accomplish in your life coaching business, your relationships, and what you want to help others to achieve.

Personal Growth Coaching Tip #5:  Take massive action.  This is a proven method of success.  The key to this life coaching tip is to continue taking massive action through the waves of despair that often cause people to give up.  Just like every movie where the hero or heroine transforms from an ordinary person into the person they were destined to become, we all experience a struggle right before we succeed.

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