Psychology Coaching: Mindset Coaching Your Client To Set And Pursue Goals

In psychology coaching, what mindset coaching do you use to help your client to set and pursue goals? We all want to succeed in life, that is why psychology coaching is so important. Do you know anyone who enjoys the experience of failure? I sure don’t. For your clients to get on the path to success in life, they will need mindset coaching to help them handle failure better. Here are two ways to help your client set and pursue goals.

Mindset Coaching: There Is Risk In NOT Pursuing A Goal

Many of your psychology coaching clients are so afraid of failure that they are reticent to set any goals. They have the vision and the dream in their minds, but they have never taken action because the thought of failure dominates their thoughts. The mindset coaching for your clients in that situation is simple: have your coaching client set small goals.

Small goals help to put your psychology coaching clients in the right mindset. Coaching then becomes an issue of taking steps rather than achieving large, sometimes overwhelming goals. When in this mindset, coaching becomes a practice in encouragement and staying on the path you’ve set before your psychology coaching clients. That will help them see how easy it is to set and make progress toward a goal. Once their confidence is up they can move on to bigger goals.

Your Psychology Coaching Clients Don’t Know That Goal Setting Is NOT A Belief Exercise

If you believe that you don’t have the talent to write a book, would you ever set a goal to write a book? You would probably not. Your psychology coaching client’s beliefs have shaped their behavior. In most cases, they will only have set goals they believed they could reach. Every time they think of a compelling goal that excites them they think, “I could never do that.” The mindset coaching you will give them is that goal setting is NOT a belief exercise.

Goal setting is an exercise in mindset coaching that helps clients to clearly define what they want, write this down, create a plan and take action to reach the goal. For many of your psychology coaching clients, the light bulb will go on in their mind. Your client needs you help them to set goals and master fear of failure.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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