“My Wife Hired a Hitman to Kill Me”… Craziest Coaching Session Ever

Craziest Coaching Session Ever… It started with Russian mail-order bride and a hitman… Don't dive in the water with your client unless you want to drown. ...but I’ll get to that in a moment. If you want to save someone from drowning, you can't jump into the water with them... ...or you will both go under. It's the same when you're trying to coach someone. If you "jump into the water" with your client... you lose the ability to be objective enough to help them. Yet we … [Read more...]

Depression Coaching or Therapy – Which One Does Your Client Need?

Depression coaching has become more common as life coaches search for profitable niches and clients seek help for issues that influence their lives and happiness. But, it is important for both the coach and the client to remember that depression coaching is not a substitute for treatment or a treatment method itself. In some ways it might be best to call depression coaches by a different name – perhaps sadness coaches. Sadness V. Depression If you specialize in depression as a life … [Read more...]