Depression Coaching Made Fun And Easy

If depression coaching sounds like a downer, think again. Depression is no different than any state of mind such as happiness, love, or anger. We move through various states throughout the day, consciously or subconsciously. People who have depression just stay in that state enough of their day to affect their lives. Coaching can make a big difference for these folks.

Baby Steps To Success

The first steps to overcoming depression are to create awareness of the thoughts, the body’s physiology and what they believe to be true. That old saying, what you focus on increases. Give your clients some other things to focus on, and their state will start to change. Have you ever been driving along happily listening to your favorite music when someone suddenly cuts you off? You can go from a happy state to an angry or frightened state instantly. People can use this technology to snap out of a depressed state as well with practice and encouragement.

Another powerful tool to change someone’s state is to change their physiology. In a depressed state people may feel tension in their shoulders, tiredness, or their body feels floppy or slumped over. Most often their facial muscles droop down. To snap out of this physiology, all someone needs to do is jump up and do a few jumping jacks. Their heart rate speeds up, their posture will change, and if they feel silly enough they will probably giggle or smile. While this is not a long term solution, research studies have long since shown that aerobic exercise is a powerful tool in managing depression.

Depression Coaching Unlocks Potential

With good depression coaching your clients can not only feel happier, but also start creating a life worth living. The tools to focus and move out of the depressed state can be used to create a future that allows your clients to reach their full potential in business, relationships, athletics, or any are where they want to excel. And once they become the person who succeeds in one area, they become someone who can recreate that success in other areas.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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