What is Psychological Coaching?

What is psychological coaching? Is it the merger of psychology with coaching? Or is it some unique specialty within the coaching industry? Psychological coaching is really nothing different than what most coaches already do. In the Psychology of Executive Coaching: Theory and Application, Bruce Peltier summed up the work of a coach - to help uncover unconscious psychological processes and bring them to the surface. The coach then helps produce an awareness of any hidden defense mechanisms … [Read more...]

Sports Psychology and Coaching: Lessons From a Youth Sports Coach

Working with athletes to improve their game requires the best sports psychology and coaching skills you have. It also requires lessons from a youth sports coach. You’ve seen the youth coach - the dad who lugs around the bag of equipment to every practice. Yes, those dads, the ones without fancy certifications, extensive knowledge, or years of training. They are not sports psychologists and coaching experts, but they have a few lessons to teach you. These coaches are mere volunteers, but … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: What Can You Do For Your Depression Coaching Clients

How can you practice psychology coaching without a license?  Do you need a degree to help depression coaching clients?  It actually depends on what you want to do.  For many depression coaching clients a few NLP coaching tips will make a dramatic impact in the way they live.  These NLP strategies are often grouped into psychology coaching, which really helps your clients make choices in how they want to use their brain. Reframing a Clients Beliefs is Powerful NLP Psychology Coaching … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Psychological Coaching Your Clients to Feel They Deserve the Best in Life

Your clients need psychology coaching (psychological coaching) to help them feel they deserve the best in life.  Your clients need psychological coaching before they will even attempt to pursue what they want in life.  Helping your client recognize and release the power of their mind through psychology coaching is the new frontier. Psychological Coaching:  Help Your Psychology Coaching Client Break Free of “I’m Not Good Enough” Your psychological coaching client needs psychology coaching … [Read more...]