Relationship Coach Training 101: Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Understands the 3 Levels of a Relationship

The key to becoming a relationship coach is understanding masculine and feminine energy.  Of course men and women have a little of both types.  Becoming a relationship coach who understands the 3 levels of a relationship will help you understand what drives people.  This relationship coach training will take you beyond the basics.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #1: The Macho Man

The first level is the macho man.  You don’t have to be a relationship coach to recognize this type.  He wants it, he creates it, he goes after it, and doesn’t care about anything else.  This is the stereotypical ‘bad boy’.  And it’s attractive to a lot of women for a reason.  Becoming a relationship coach who understands that masculine energy creates a polarity with a woman who is feminine will help you explain why some women keep going back to this type of guy.  It’s because she knows she can’t control him and that’s exciting.  He’s not always right but he’s powerful, he’s not always elegant but he’s powerful.  He’s all about himself and he’s ok with that.  He’s not going to become a relationship coach client.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #2: Why Men Change

In the process of becoming relationship coach you will understand that if you want a man to change, then change the woman he wants to be with.  A man’s greatest desire is to be with a real woman, someone who is feminine.  It’s their ultimate goal.  And as women grew in their power in our in our society, men realized that they were going to have to grow beyond their macho man state.  In the 70’s men starting reading books and possibly even seeking out a relationship coach in order to find a way to connect with woman.  They started taking yoga and eating quiche.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #3:  The Sensitive Man

Thus the new, sensitive, conscious man emerged.  He embraced love and could enjoy his feminine side.  And women embraced it.  It was so wonderful that no one could imagine hiring a relationship coach.  But in becoming a relationship coach you learned to see the writing on the wall.  There was no polarity here; it was like having a girl friend.  And eventually women got bored with this and wanted more.  So what did they do?   They went back to the exciting macho man, leaving the sensitive man worrying that this guy wouldn’t treat her right.

Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #4: The Third Alternative

Here’s where becoming a relationship coach becomes exciting.  Because you know as a relationship coach there is a third alternative.  This is the man who takes control and makes it happen, but also listens, respects and values what is important to his woman.  He doesn’t do it for his own gain.  He does it for the love he has for the woman in his life so she doesn’t have to do it.  The problem is that few men will own this as a choice, because they are used to being feminine and trying to please the woman in their life.  And few women will really realize that in allowing the man in their life to be masculine and not trying to control him, they will enjoy the benefits of a relationship with masculine and feminine polarity.  And that’s the basis for excitement will last.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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