What is Personal Grief Coaching?

Grief coaching is a relatively new segment of the life coaching industry. Helping people cope with grief is the main mission of grief coaching. As a grief coach, you offer a safe place for individuals who are coping with grief to tell their story and express their thoughts and opinions.

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6 Ways Personal Grief and Loss Coaching Helps

  • • Allows clients to understand that grief is a completely natural human response to a death or a tragic situation.
    • Offers support, a shoulder to cry on, and a safe haven for grief.
    • Helps individuals understand that each person’s response to grief is unique and offers personalized assistance to help clients manage and overcome their grief.
    • Offers inquiry to help individuals find their own solutions on the best ways to escape their grief.
    • Offers a place for healthy dialogue and compassionate understanding.
    • Allows clients the ability to find life’s meaning and purpose after a reasonable period of grief.

Face the Grief or Else

For those experiencing loss and are overcome with grief, the worst thing they can do is to ignore or run from it. If they let it follow them around, it can lead to depression, addiction, and stagnation in life. It can lead to more loss. They must turn around and face it…and then conquer it!

A grief coach can help individuals suffering from loss or tragedy to face their grief head on. Grief coaching is all about helping others cope and then transcend their grief.

Should You Become a Grief Coach?

Grief coaching is not for everyone. To become a coach who specializes in grief, some or all of the following statements must apply:

  • • You have your own experience with grief and loss.
    • You are already in the coaching business, perhaps as a life coach, and you are seeking a specialty or niche.
    • You work in a profession that helps people – counseling, health care, psychology, social work, etc.
    • You feel you have a calling to help others.
    • You have a great sense of empathy for others.
    • You love to work hard.
    • You enjoy learning new things and love the pursuit of continuing education.
    • You are prepared for career in which you work hard but one which offers both personal and financial rewards.

Grief Coaching is Not Only for the Grieving

Though grief counseling and coaching is mainly for those who have suffered a loss, it can also be appropriate for the loved ones or friends of an individual who is burdened with grief. Grief coaches can teach what to say, how to console, and can help loved ones with sympathetic and appropriate grief etiquette.

Grief coaching can also be helpful in the workplace. Executives and managers can work with grief coaches to help their employees overcome a tragic loss. An illness or death in the family is the second most common problem (behind stress) that affects workplace performance. A grief coach can help comfort employees and maintain performance in the workplace.

Become a Grief Coach

Yes, there are online grief coaching programs. Just like any other coaching program, you need to find the right program for your needs and schedule, you need to put in the work, and you certainly must strive to learn the needed skills. Like any coaching program, there is plenty of work involved to become the best coach you can be. All coaches must learn the skills of inquiry and active listening.

Grief coaching is not for the faint of heart – it certainly isn’t for everyone. You deal with people at their worst. But, helping others cope with bereavement and loss carries such importance in our society, and if you possess the skill to help others learn how to face their grief and then overcome it, you will certainly have a rewarding in the personal coaching industry.

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  1. Lynne says

    I believe that grief coaching is not for all coaches but it is certainly a needed field in coaching. Knowing how to console others and helping them overcome their grief is a characteristic that not everyone can boast that they have.

  2. Sherill says

    Grief coaching is a field that needs to be explored further and is certainly worth considering if you are a coach.

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