Meditation as a Coaching Model

A coaching model is an approach to coaching. It is a set of principles that guides our engagement with our clients. There are many models in coaching, but one of my favorites is what I call the meditation model of coaching. It is based on the understanding that when we are in touch with our inner selves we are in touch with the farthest reaches of the universe. We are, therefore, in touch with all the answers to all the questions that we might possibly have.

In the Mediation Coaching Model, You Hold on by Letting Go

Hold on by letting go. Move by being motionless. And lead by following, if you have the nerve. We begin by helping to quiet our client’s conscious mind so that they can hear without listening, see without looking, and feel through a web of nerves that extends beyond themselves and connects with the web of being that is the universe.

If We Are so Connected, why Do We Seem so all Alone?

Our clients are so distracted by the frenetic pace of the physical world around them that they lose their sense of connection, and that is where the meditation in the mediation coaching model comes in. Meditation is a quieting of the mind. And in that quiet state, our clients can begin to hear not only their own pulse, but the pulse of the universe, the pulse of the entire creation. And if they can make that connection, they will soon learn that they can draw upon the wisdom of the universe, and that they are not alone.

What Drives this Realization?

Faith drives this most powerful coaching model. The faith that people demonstrate when they lean back and fall into the arms of their friends waiting to catch them just before their heads smash into the floor. This is the faith that allows our clients to sit, not only perfectly quite, but also perfectly vulnerable. Think about the state of perfect vulnerability. And if you can and you are ready for that responsibility, then you may be ready to be a meditation coach.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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