Life Coaching Education & Keys to a Life Coach Career That I Learned from Monkeys in Peru

Would you be surprised if I told you that I got a better life coaching education about what it takes to have a powerful life coaching career from monkeys in Peru than from most coaches? ¬†It’s true. ¬†Monkeys, no matter what you think about them, have a lot of life coaching education of offer about leadership and human behavior. ¬†Whether you like it or not, we are PRIMATES and nothing will change that FACT.

Why Coaching Techniques Matter to Your Life Coach Career

If you want a life coaching education to have the best life coach career possible, then you need to know why your coaching clients do what they do (and what will make them do something different).  Every one of your coaching techniques you use will need to provide one common service and value to your coaching client: CHANGE.  Your client wants change, you want to provide it, and your clients friends are looking for it (whether they want it or not).  Change is your CURRENCY and your ultimate claim to fame in your life coach career.

But Life Coaching Education & Coaching Techniques Are a Dime a Dozen

A life coach career can explode or fizzle out based upon your performance as a coach (not so much based upon your life coaching education). ¬†You can be a great marketer, and sell ‘crap in a box’, but then you probably wouldn’t be interested in being a coach. ¬†As a coach, you want to help people, and make money doing it. ¬†Great coaching techniques are helpful, good marketing is helpful, but the most helpful thing is having great coaching techniques that ALSO can be used in your marketing process… they kill two birds with one stone, and you can sleep well at night also (knowing that your life career is actually authentic, heartfelt, and based upon your commitment to serve your fellow mankind).

Monkey Business: Life Coaching Education from the Amazon Rain-forest

Monkeys are great team players. ¬†They also take revenge on you if they don’t like you. ¬†If you can¬†understand¬†why, it will teach you the rules of the game of your life coach career.
If you want to influence others, it’s easier to understand the simple laws of influence when looking at monkeys, because there’s no human complications involved. ¬†There are a lot of justifications and stories that a human will give you for why people will set a free session with you or get coaching with you, but the REAL reasons are much more PRIMAL. ¬†Most life coaching education that you’ll get won’t admit that (and some that try to teach you how to have a great life coach career don’t even know that).

Monkey Business Coaching Techniques:

Before a monkey decides to follow another monkey, they have to know whether that other monkey is the ALPHA. ¬†Monkeys are constantly testing to see ‘who’s the top monkey’ and they fight over the top spot. ¬†If you are the top monkey, every monkey pays attention and homage to you. ¬†If you are the bottom monkey, you are lucky just to be left alone. ¬†Think of what it would be like to have a life coaching education from those monkeys.


Sound jaded or cruel? ¬†It’s not. ¬†Can you imagine if we had no president (top monkey)? ¬†No one would know who to turn to for decisions. ¬†There would be complete chaos. ¬†The Alpha monkey serves the community and in turn, gets the spoils.
This is important in your life coach career because no coaching technique or life coaching education will work if your client¬†perceives¬†you to be inferior to them. ¬†They simply won’t listen to or follow you. ¬†Can you imagine how impossible it would be to even set lots of free coaching sessions with people that perceive you to be inferior (perhaps you can… all too well…)?
Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community
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