Life Coaching VS Therapy BATTLE ROYALE!

Life Coaching VS Therapy BATTLE ROYALE!

Life coaching vs therapy? Which is better? Personally, I've worked with both, as a client and as a coach. I've noticed some hot arguments as to what is BETTER and who produces better results. And honestly, it all depends on the client and the results they want. Some therapists may unknowingly venture into "coaching mode", that is, focusing on SOLUTIONS, rather than just working on healing the past. Both help people, so who wins when we pit life coaching vs therapy? You Know You … [Read more...]

Stir up The PAIN to Get More Coaching Clients

Stir up The PAIN to Get More Coaching Clients

Coaches are constantly asking me... "How do I get more coaching clients?" Let's deconstruct the answer... Why would someone hire a life coach in the first place? Most coaching client relationships are motivated by a painful situation. Most think it’s because the coach has a great, proven strategy. FALSE! Why not? Because most people don’t care HOW you get them closer to their dreams. They don’t care about your STRATEGY. Just like when someone is about to have open … [Read more...]

How to Start Coaching Without Feeling GUILTY

How to Start Coaching Without Feeling GUILTY

The GUILT in coaching is super-prevalent, and lots of new coaches ask me how to start coaching without feeling guilty. Here are a few coaching tips around the GUILT coaches feel: The 2 Stages of "Coach Guilt" When a new coach just starts out, the first stage goes as follows: Feeling guilty about one of your coaching clients can erode your coaching power. "I'm excited and can’t wait to help EVERYONE! How do I get my first coaching client?" The second stage of coaching is a bit … [Read more...]

What Is A Life Coach

What Is A Life Coach?

“What is a life coach?” a friend asked me the other day. “If I hire you, I expect to accomplish ...” … a prospective client once told me. It sounds like he confused me with the Genie from Aladdin's lamp! The Genie from Aladdin’s lamp (for those not familiar with the myth) comes out and tells Aladdin that he will GRANT him three WISHES. In other words, Aladdin is supposed to ask for what he wants… and he will immediately receive it. A life coach will do no such thing. Disclaimer: Not … [Read more...]

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No Quick Fixes in Success Coaching

I was talking to a friend the other day about a conversation I had with a doctor who was having trouble letting go of anxiety. I had to educate him that, in the world of success coaching, there are no quick fixes. On the OUTSIDE, the man seemed like a success, with a new practice, a healthy family and good physical health. But on the inside, after he’s shared it, he was “dead”, feeling as if “the world will collapse at any moment.” So why don’t you just recommend a psychiatrist so he … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips For Creating Great Rapport

Coaching Tips For Creating Great Rapport

One of the most fundamental coaching tips that I will share with you here will help you build effective, and lasting, coaching relationships; that is, establishing great rapport. Why Establishing Good Rapport Is CRUCIAL To Your Coaching Relationships Why is establishing good rapport crucial to your coaching relationships?  When you have positive rapport with your coaching clients or prospects, they will: be more trusting. open up easier in conversation. be more receptive to your … [Read more...]

Career Coaching: Impacting Clients On The Deepest Level

Career coaching may or may not necessarily be what your client has originally signed up for. As a client is working with you, say, to gain some balance in their life, to gain financial stability, or find their life purpose, they will inevitably come to realize this: “The life I have led up till this point has not been mine.” If you are looking to be (or are) a coach in this niche, then read on. Career Coaching To Achieve Fulfillment It’s important to recognize that it’s common for people … [Read more...]