Stir up The PAIN to Get More Coaching Clients

Coaches are constantly asking me… “How do I get more coaching clients?”

Let’s deconstruct the answer…

Why would someone hire a life coach in the first place?

Stir up The PAIN to Get More Coaching Clients
Most coaching client relationships are motivated by a painful situation.

Most think it’s because the coach has a great, proven strategy.


Why not?

Because most people don’t care HOW you get them closer to their dreams. They don’t care about your STRATEGY.

Just like when someone is about to have open heart surgery, they won’t be interested in how the surgeon cracks their rib cage and what tools he’ll be using.

Why Hire a Life Coach?

So, there are ONLY TWO REASONS an individual would hire a life coach:

  1. to get out of a painful situation
  2. to achieve a new, exciting goal

In my experience, when someone is excited about accomplishing something specific, such as starting a business or getting fit, they’ll likely be easier to talk with during the 1st introductory call.

Goal setting coaching is quite a bit more comfortable for this type of client than finding blind spots or deep issues that might be holding them back. I talk about the challenges of coaching in depth HERE.

Getting More Coaching Clients… It’s All About The Pain…

Option #1, however, is the much more prevalent of the two. Those looking to get out of a deep pain, will likely be much more complex during conversation. It is a bit rare to find people looking to sign up for coaching who are completely OPEN about their big PROBLEM and totally trusting the coach on the call to deliver a solution and end up signing up the same day (without great skill on the coach’s part).

More commonly, clients will even dance around the SEVERITY of their problem (sometimes subconsciously) in order to avoid feeling the PAIN of it, which hurts even more when it’s spoken out loud.

It’s like, if you’ve ever admitted to your spouse about lying or CHEATING on them, you’d know exactly how painful it is for the client to admit THEIR problem.

…when people make mistakes, they often think there’s something wrong with them.”

One reason for this may be that when people make mistakes, they often think there’s something wrong with them. They may feel they’re flawed or need to be “fixed” in some way and don’t realize that “mis-takes” are just a part of the human condition. And admitting this “flaw” is very painful.

So why would someone REALLY hire a life coach?

Because they believe the coach will help them get the OUTCOME they desire. It doesn’t matter WHY or HOW.

Comment below if you’ve ever gotten on a call with a coach or sales person and they talked your ear off about THEIR service, without asking what YOU want.

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Tiffany Olson
Career Coach
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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    Thanks for the Short and crisp article. Life coaching may help in situations like health issues or lifestyle issues. Mostly we expect these people to be like gurus and have achieved a lot in their respective fields.

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