No Quick Fixes in Success Coaching

I was talking to a friend the other day about a conversation I had with a doctor who was having trouble letting go of anxiety. I had to educate him that, in the world of success coaching, there are no quick fixes.

On the OUTSIDE, the man seemed like a success, with a new practice, a healthy family and good physical health. But on the inside, after he’s shared it, he was “dead”, feeling as if “the world will collapse at any moment.”

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So why don’t you just recommend a psychiatrist so he can get medication?”

Anonymous Friend

“So why don’t you just recommend a psychiatrist so he can get medication?” was my friend’s response.


It’s like, hey, I broke my ankle, let me take some pain meds and it’ll all be better!

Clearly, many people don’t realize that medications are temporary, band-aid solutions to deeper problems that CAN be solved through good coaching. And if not, they’ll fester and eat away at the person from the inside, eventually affecting his work and his family.

The solution was so simple, but definitely not easy, or this “intelligent” doctor would’ve done it already, like most other people.

And this is the problem: most people are looking for quick fixes. It’s the EXACT reason why coaches are so valuable.

We go DEEP.

We solve issues at the FOUNDATIONAL level, allowing for people to get past their issues and move forward.

In this doctor’s case, he wanted to feel JOY and stop worrying about every worst case scenario happening.

Ever meet people who complain but don’t seem to want to do the hard work, even if the answer is handed to them on a silver platter?

Tiffany Olson
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