How to Hold Your Clients Accountable Without Being a B*tch

Holding your client ‘accountable’ sounds like holding them ‘hostage’. It sounds like convicting someone of a crime and punishing them with a prison sentence. I know, I’m a coach. And when I first started my coaching business, I was a hard driving accountability coach. And I helped a lot of people make a lot of money… ...because they got stuff done. Or else the ‘hammer’ would come down... What would I say to get them to take action? ME: “Why didn’t you finish your website … [Read more...]

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No Quick Fixes in Success Coaching

I was talking to a friend the other day about a conversation I had with a doctor who was having trouble letting go of anxiety. I had to educate him that, in the world of success coaching, there are no quick fixes. On the OUTSIDE, the man seemed like a success, with a new practice, a healthy family and good physical health. But on the inside, after he’s shared it, he was “dead”, feeling as if “the world will collapse at any moment.” So why don’t you just recommend a psychiatrist so he … [Read more...]