7 Leadership Coaching Tips

Knowing a few key leadership coaching tips will make your sessions smoother and more productive. These tips will help you find more outcomes for your clients. What is Leadership Coaching? Leadership coaching is a process which develops and builds a leader’s ability to achieve short or long-term organizational goals. Leadership coaches help their clients in several ways: Improving their interpersonal and communication skills. Develop a more effective leadership style. Enhance … [Read more...]

4 Career Coach Books for Your Christmas Wish List

Career coach books are a great way to acquire additional knowledge to help your career coaching practice. More knowledge means you will have more skills to use when helping find outcomes for your clients. Look for Books Written for Individuals Not Coaches Coaches tend to scour Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or bookstores for books written specifically for coaches. These books are written to help coaches refine their skills, learn new tools and knowledge, and boost their abilities to help … [Read more...]

How to Find the Right Business Coach Training

Business coach training is becoming big business. Every kind of coach training is becoming popular as more individuals look to start a new career and see coaching as the best place to find personal satisfaction and financial rewards. Business Coaching is Big Business Business coaching has exploded over the past couple decades. The digital age had made it easier to get into coaching. What does anyone need to start? Just a website, it seems. The field was filled with imminently qualified … [Read more...]

Suicide And Coaching Depressed Clients

Depression and Suicide Coaching for me is more than just coaching depressed clients; giving them a pep talk. It is a FUSION of Life Coaching and ASIST suicide training. Trained in ASIST (Advanced Suicide Intervention Skills Training), and a certified Life Coach, the obvious way forward was to fuse these two together. If you see depression and suicide as a river... at the beginning a person gets depressed. Then they start to think about suicide. They step into the river. The more they go … [Read more...]

Two Business Coaching Techniques I Learned From Apple’s iPhone

Most list of business coaching techniques will include something about strategic planning. Executives, managers, and business owners need to understand how to create a strategic plan, and how to use that plan within an organization to improve communication, create confidence, and achieve goals. However, there are a few items that are often taught when working on a strategic plan – this is where you can separate yourself from the masses! The Same Old Business Techniques Most business … [Read more...]

Is Business Success Coach the Right Career Choice for You?

Here’s a niche coaching business that may be getting hot – business success coach. With all the talk in this election about business and trade, it might be a good time to consider a new career. A career in business success coaching puts you in the middle of a dynamic industry, working with entrepreneurs looking to make their dreams come true. What is Business Success Coaching? Business coaching is about working with business clients, and helping them identify their goals and create action … [Read more...]

Why Telephonic Health Coaching Jobs are Great Gigs

What are telephonic health coaching jobs? Are they something that can be obtained by certified health coaches? Are they something that makes money, and are they jobs that are worth checking out? If you are looking for something that offers convenience and is free of commuter issues yet still offers the opportunity to be involved with health coaching, then telephone jobs should certainly be considered. In our modern times, health coaching can be done in-person, online, or on the … [Read more...]

Certified Life Coach Online Training to Start Your Coaching Career

Certified life coach online training – what do you think about when you see those words together? Most aspiring coaches think about an easy way to get certified training to launch their coaching careers. If you are thinking about coaching, a good place to start is with certified life coach online training. Get Certified Do you need to be certified to be a life coach? No, you don’t. Should you be certified to be a life coach? Definitely, absolutely, positively! Enough said – get trained and … [Read more...]

Should You Take an Online Coaching Principles Course?

Should you take an online coaching principles course? Should you spend the time and money to take an online course that teaches the principles of coaching? When you sign up to become a coach, you accept the fact that you will continue your education until the day your career ends. You must constantly pursue new skills, learn new theories, and gain more knowledge.  So, any good course will add value to your coaching, and any good course will make you a better coach. Are You an Experienced … [Read more...]

Success Coaching Prices Matter

Success coaching has become a big deal as more and more people want to find success in their lives and careers, but are they concerned with success coaching prices or are other factors more important? When individuals are looking to hire a success coach, does the success coach price matter more than other considerations, such as reputation, specialty, experience, training, etc.? Success Coaching Prices Matter Most people don’t have unlimited wealth, and for most of those people, prices do … [Read more...]