What You Need to Be a Coach Who Earns a Living as a Coach

It's easy to be a coach, but what you need to be a coach who earns a living as a coach is not quite as easy. To be a coach, you really only need to call yourself a coach. Yes, just say “I'm a coach” and you can be a coach. Because there are no legal requirements to begin coaching, you might be inclined to believe that coaching is an easy business. You would be wrong...unprofitably wrong! What you need to be a coach who earns a living as a coach has nothing to do with legal requirements and … [Read more...]

What Would You want Your Money Coach to Do?

When you start your financial coaching business, one of the best ways to begin is to think about what you would want your money coach to do? If you were hiring someone to help with finances and help you learn to manage your money, what would you want your money coaching sessions to entail? What topics, what skills, what information would you want to cover? This advice is especially important for financial coaches just starting out in the business. You have presumably taken a coaching course … [Read more...]

YouTube Executive Coaching For Beginners

Is YouTube executive coaching a good idea for executive coaches? What exactly is YouTube executive coaching? And what is an executive coach, anyway? What is an Executive Coach? Over half the organizations in the United States currently use or have used an executive coach in the past. They aren't consultants and they certainly aren't therapists. But, they certainly can do wonders for a business. Executive coaches:  Assess  Set goals  Develop a coaching plan  Work with … [Read more...]

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Successful Life Coach

What qualifications do you need to be a successful life coach? There are no requirements needed to call yourself a life coach, and who knows, if you are lucky, even without experience or any particular qualifications, you might become successful. However, there are specific traits, or qualifications that may boost your odds of becoming successful as a life coach. Certain personality traits, skills, or characteristics are important for coaches. What qualifications do you need to be a … [Read more...]

The Nitty-Gritty of Wellness Coaching Certification Programs

The right wellness coaching certification programs can provide you with the skills and knowledge for a dynamic and exciting career as a wellness coach. Wellness coaching requires a specific set of skills and a unique and comprehensive knowledge base so you can provide your clients with a wide range of positive outcomes. Why do Clients Hire Wellness Coaches? A wellness coaching certification program can prepare you to work with you clients to help them learn how to live an overall healthy … [Read more...]

Top 10 Coaching Tips for Success

Whether you are starting a coaching business or already have one up and running, these top 10 coaching tips will get your business headed in the right direction – and that direction leads to success and profitability. Top 10 Coaching Tips For Success The first five of the top 10 coaching tips for success are concerned with running your coaching practice. Here are the Top 10 tips. Get Off Your Butt and Start. You have no doubt heard Nike's slogan: “Just do it!” Well, it applies to … [Read more...]

Is 50-Plus Career Coach a Hot Coaching Niche?

Here's a new coaching niche for you: 50-Plus Career Coach. What do you think? Is this a hot coaching niche or not? Do you think this might be a profitable segment of the coaching industry on which to hang you career hat? What would the target market be for a 50-Plus Career Coach? Millions of aging baby-boomers, that's who! How many are there? The baby boom generation was born between 1946 and 1964, with the peak year being 1957 when 4.3 million babies were born in the United States. That's … [Read more...]

How Clients Will be Helped by Your 1 on 1 Business Coaching

Is 1 on 1 business coaching something you can do? Are you a business coach? Do you have experience as a business professional? Are you interested in becoming a business coaching professional and willing to get the education and put in the required hard work? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you should consider 1 on 1 business coaching. As a business coach, what issues can you help with for today's business professional? What outcomes can you offer them in today's highly … [Read more...]