The Nitty-Gritty of Wellness Coaching Certification Programs

The right wellness coaching certification programs can provide you with the skills and knowledge for a dynamic and exciting career as a wellness coach. Wellness coaching requires a specific set of skills and a unique and comprehensive knowledge base so you can provide your clients with a wide range of positive outcomes.

Why do Clients Hire Wellness Coaches?

A wellness coaching certification program can prepare you to work with you clients to help them learn how to live an overall healthy lifestyle. You will work with exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices, behavior modification, disease reduction, and coping with illness and injuries.

A client will hire you to help them achieve health and happiness. The many wellness coaching certification programs available can help you learn the knowledge to become a wellness coach.

Why is Certification Necessary?

  • A certification is similar to a diploma – it is not just something you can hang on your office wall, it is something that shows you have successfully completed one of the wellness coaching programs, and put in the effort to become a wellness coach.
  • It tells potential clients that you have the basic skills and knowledge to help them achieve the results they are seeking.
  • It informs clients that you meet or exceed minimum standards of competence expected of someone in the coaching profession.

Being a wellness coach does not require any medical background; in fact, being a wellness coach is more about being skilled in behavioral change than it is about being knowledge in medical subjects. Wellness coaching certification programs are more concerned with helping you become a behavioral change expert than it is with helping you become a health care practitioner.

The Nitty-Gritty of Wellness Coaching Certification Programs

If you want to become a wellness coach, here are the basics to look for when perusing the many available wellness coaching programs.

    • Licensing. Make sure the program has the proper licensing – generally in a unregulated field such as coaching, you are merely looking for business permits or jurisdictional licenses.
    • Accreditation. Look for an accreditation by a governing body such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). This means that the program meets or exceed specified requirements set down by this governing body.
    • Wellness and health coaching specific. You don’t want to take just any coaching program; the program should be specific to health and wellness coaching as this will offer you the most knowledge and the proper skills to become a wellness coach.
    • The training and knowledge should offer you usable methodology for behavior change. The program should offer more than an assortment of skills – there should be a method in the details. You should be given a flexible road map to follow when working with clients.
    • All good wellness coaching certification programs should offer you the tools and resources to run a successful coaching business – the just how to work with clients, but how to deal with the administrative, marketing, and organizational aspects of a business.
    • The program should have attendance options – live, telephonic, webinar, or any combination. It should offer you plenty of alternatives to fit with your schedule.

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  1. Jocelyn says

    Thanks for the tips on how to become an effective wellness coach. Like you, I believe that acquring certification is important. Acquiring the right knowledge and skills set is what will attract clients to your coaching practice.

  2. Marlon says

    Wellness coaching is a great niche to enter especially that now people have become more conscious of their health. Thank you for the great tips!

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