NLP Life Coaching: Tools to Help You Become a Coach who Helps Their Clients Get Lasting Results

Are there any NLP life coaching techniques to help you become a coach that helps your clients reinforce the new beliefs that they created, so they can create lasting change? Billy Mills used a very powerful NLP life coaching technique in 1964 when he won the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Olympics…before the term NLP life coaching was ever coined.

What the world saw as a huge surprise, Mills had been VISUALIZING for years. “I visualized it hundreds and hundreds of times per day in detail to the last lap of the race. It turned out exactly as I visualized it.” Mills came into the race in EIGHTH PLACE, but he knew that he was GOING TO WIN. Even though Mills was on the verge of falling out of contention for first place several times, during the last lap his NLP Life Coaching visualization paid off. “Although I was tired and I was driving, lifting, pumping, the self-hypnosis took over,” he said. “I had visualized so powerfully for so many years I knew I had won.”

What NLP life coaching tells us is not to waste your energy on the negative focus. When you help your clients keep the focus on the desired outcome, you become a coach that gets results.

NLP Life Coaching Techniques to Help You Become a Coach who Can Help Reinforce Beliefs:

  • Visualize the belief every day

  • Use the belief to make an affirmation

  • Create a ritual based upon the belief and do it often

  • Find others with similar beliefs and spend time with them

This NLP life coaching technique can be used from everything to walking into a networking event to breaking Olympic world records. And when you become a coach that gives their clients tools to reinforce their new empowering beliefs, you become a coach who gets results.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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