Easy Coaching Tricks for Powerful Coaching Sessions

Coaching tricks are an integral part of a coach’s toolbox. They are various types of skills, exercises, strategies, and theories. However, tricks tend to be quick, easy exercises that have a significant impact on a coaching session. These quick tips are often just mere suggestions or changes in attitudes, but can have a positive influence on the results of a coaching session.

Coaching Tips
Coaching Tips

Coaching Tricks and Tips – the 3 C’s

The suggestions all begin with the letter “C” and are very easy to apply within the framework of a coaching session.

  • Connection – take a few moments to find some common ground – it can be personal or professional. The better the connection, the easier it will be to dig deep into the client’s issues, wants, and needs.
  • Curiosity – emphasize your curiosity at the beginning of the session through inquiry. This creates a comfortable environment where the client will feel more engaged and open.
  • Confidence – express a high degree of confidence in your client. This allows the client to be more open, take more risks, and develop a greater sense of optimism.

Coaches Should Listen with the 3 E’s

Here are a few coaching tricks that you probably already know, but they are critical enough that they should be repeated over and over again.

  • Listen with your ears. You must hear what the client says and in what tone and context the words are spoken.
  • Listen with your eyes. You should always be looking at body language and facial expressions when clients are speaking. Faial expressions and body language often give additional clues about the subject matter and the feelings and emotions behind the words.
  • Listen with experience. Though every client is unique, it still helps to put the words of a client into the context of your experience, both in your own life and in the experiences of other clients and sessions.

Frame Each Coaching Session with the 3 V’s

Every coaching session should be different, either building on what happened in the previous session or creating a new challenge or direction. However, try creating each session by using the three V’s. These coaching tricks can build a very effective and powerful coaching session.

  • Voice – work with a client to develop their voice. Ask them to give you a short speech about a subject – something non-controversial is best (no religion or politics). Work with them to help them infuse their values and voice into the speech. This works on confidence and self-awareness.
  • Volume – when working on voice, also focus on volume. Ask the client to increase the volume of their voice until they are almost shouting. Get them to emphasize the words they feel are the most important. This is a relatively obscure coaching trick that has the power to build up self-esteem and confidence.
  • Values – most coaches work with client values to help them identify goals and action plans to reach those goals. By making sure each session focuses on values you are ensuring that the right goals and identified and the right results are achieved.

Incorporating these easy coaching tricks into each coaching session creates powerful encounters between the coach and the client. Better coaching sessions means more results and outcomes for your clients!

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