Success Coaching: Setting Goals for Success

Success coaching is critical to achieving the performance goals for any team. There are many facets of this type of coaching, but today we are going to focus on a particular case study that outlines four fundamental concepts that can be utilized as part of any success coaching plan.

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In this case study we will examine an operational challenge where a leader sees an opportunity to improve the process for her team and organization. The problem is, she’s challenged by the fact that the team members (who should own the task of processing applications online) have virtually no typing skills. How does she help them achieve success so that the process can improve and students can enroll faster?
Understanding the Gaps

When developing a coaching plan to achieve success you must first understand what the gaps are to be successful. Knowing these challenges will help mold your coaching plans so the team can be successful. In this situation the primary gap was that the team members responsible for the processing typed less than 10 words per minute. They needed to be able to type 65 words per minute or more to achieve the processing deadlines. They had the want and the will to be successful, but they lacked the skill set.

Defining a Plan

Often times when developing a success coaching plan, you’ll likely need to develop multiple facets. For this particular case study there was one – type faster and do it with accuracy!

Since the team members were beginning so far from the goal, the leader developed a stair step plan that included a weekly goal over a span of time. Going step by step would help the team members achieve mini milestones. That way, the team could improve their speed and accuracy until they ultimately achieved the goal of 65 words per minute.

In addition, each team member had a requirement to practice at least one hour each day on their typing skills. The leader also customized each plan in partnership with the team members. This helped secure their buy in, and it also provided a personalized plan to work against.

Executing the Plan

Execution is key to the success of any plan. Without action, plans are just words on a piece of paper. In the case study the leader met with each team member once per week. During these meetings they reviewed the scores from the typing practice sessions for the week. They celebrated successes and strategized ways to improve if the milestone for that week was not achieved.

The recognition of these small wins was vital to the plan as it helped keep the team members motivated towards their goal. When team members missed their milestones, the conversation stayed positive, focused on solutions, and reinforced the leader’s belief in the team member’s ability to succeed.

Celebrating Success

With any success coaching plan there will be milestones to celebrate. During the meetings noted above the leader and team members celebrated wins, even small ones. This repeated behavior reinforced the team member’s ability to achieve the ultimate goal. In the end, both team members achieved the goal and surpassed it! This achievement lead to the transition of the task into their department which was the ultimate achievement for all three individuals and something they could be proud of forever. It also instilled the belief in them that they could find success with difficult challenges which is a true testament to any success coaching plan — taking the lessons from one success and applying them to future success planning! This reward was far greater than being able to type faster and change an operational process.

Success Coaching in Action

Success coaching happens every day…

…Whether it’s self-coaching in your personal or professional life, or coaching that you are leading to help someone else achieve success.

Knowing what the gaps are and developing a plan to address those will help you achieve ultimate success in whatever you are taking on. Remember, don’t forget to stop and celebrate the small wins along the way so that you can gain momentum to help you achieve the ultimate success you desire. Now, get out there and be an amazing success coach!

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