Small Business Consulting Marketing Strategies to Help Your Clients Be Successful

Listed in this article are a few small business consulting marketing strategies that can help clients achieve their desired business objectives. 

What is a Small Business Consultant?

A Small Business Consultant is a marketing expert  that works with small business owners to identify the gaps and opportunities that are holding their business back from achieving their goals and overcoming challenges.  A small business consultant can be hired on a contractual basis to work with clients on strategy, planning, problem-solving, and develop business skills and knowledge.  They can specialize in specific areas such as accounting, human resources, management, and marketing. 

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The Small Business Consultant vs. Small Business Coach

One might then ask, what makes a small business consultant different from a small business coach.  Good question. Both roles help small businesses, and although they appear very similar, there are contrasts between the two. Small Business Coaches focuses on what it is the client wants to create for his business and lifestyle.  Coaches ask powerful and relevant questions designed to keep the client motivated to move forward to achieve their desired goals and tasks. The small business consultant is more of an expert, and he or she brings that knowledge and skills to the table, e.g., strategy planning, web design. With this expertise, a plan of action is created to help move projects forward or acquire new projects to grow the business. He or she brainstorms with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking. In a nutshell, the significant difference between the two is that a small business coach asks questions to get you to work out the answers for yourself, whereas a small business consultant has the answers you need, and you pay him or her to give them to you.

Small Business Consulting Marketing – Four Helpful Strategies

Now that we know who a small business consultant is and what they do, let us look at ways they help small business clients achieve their businesses’ desired objectives. 

They Work With Small Business Coaching Clients to:

  1. Set Goals and Budget – Your clients must be ready to set realistic goals for their small business. What is their most immediate need?  What is their  long term objective for their business?
  2. Create a Marketing Message – Your business has to address what your coaching clients need. What problem are they trying to solve in their clients’ lives? To create the ideal marketing message, you have to, first of all, identify the problem.
  3. Launch a Marketing Sales Channel –  It’s time to spend money on attracting the target audience. Consultants can design and implement ?marketing campaigns for their clients.  They can also offer advice on promoting clients’ business using channels such as paid advertising (Facebook Ads or Google Ads), search engines, content marketing, radio or newspaper ads, and email marketing.  Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to establish customer loyalty. Once a channel  is implemented and optimized, it serves as a predictable sales system to automatically drive traffic and sales.
  4. Create a Blog Page –  Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies for exposure and branding. Let your coaching client understand that creating a blog site allows them to demonstrate to prospective clients that they are experts in the field and can be relied on for advice.

Small business consulting marketing allows small business owners to utilize business consultants’ expertise in different areas that range from project planning to lead generation.  They are a great asset to any small business.

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