How to Get New and Old Clients Excited About Your Small Business Consulting Marketing

Is it possible to compare small business consulting marketing to a delicious holiday meal? Sounds like a stretch, but let’s give it a try.

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Mouth-Watering Holiday Goodies

Thanksgiving has just ended and the holiday season is here – it’s the season for holiday parties and meals. Just think about the delicious treats you might be served at a party, or about that mouth-watering meal just waiting for you at the family get-together.

Just smelling that turkey or ham or roast beef makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Just thinking about the holiday pies or cakes makes you salivate. Well, that’s how you want prospects and potential clients to feel about your small business consulting practice. You want your small business consulting marketing to be absolutely mouth-watering!

Marketing is All About Excitement

To attract new clients, you have to excite them. You have to motivate them to take a look at your service, consider paying for your service, and then actually taking out their checkbook (or credit card) and paying for your service.

But, small business consulting marketing, or any marketing, is much more than just attracting clients. Once they take that first bite (purchasing a session or a series of sessions), you have to make them want more. Just like Grandma cajoled you into having another piece of pie even though you were already completely stuffed, you have to get them to say “yes” to more services or products.

How to Get New and Old Clients Excited About Your Small Business Consulting Marketing

  • First things first, you have to know your target market. Yes, you have to preach to the choir. Define them, understand them, and then sell to them. Your message won’t resonate, no matter how good it is, if it is going to the wrong crowd.
  • Give away a little part of the store for free. It’s no secret that people love free things. If you give them a taste of your coaching skill and expertise for free, they may be very interested in paying for more of it. You can offer a newsletter, a free webinar, or a free coaching session – just make sure you offer something valuable that showcases your skills and gives them a glimpse of what great things you have to offer. Get them excited with free and valuable information!
  • Get known for something. Being an authority is one of the best ways to get new clients excited about your services. You may have to narrow your focus and pick one aspect of small business consulting, but whatever it is, make yourself an authority, Speak about it, blog about it, write articles about it, create books and DVDs about it – do whatever it is you need to do to boost your recognition, reputation, and authority. As a recognized authority, your small business consulting market and promotional results will skyrocket.

Small business consulting is a great business, but it’s a competitive industry, and to compete you have to promote, promote, and promote some more. Make sure your small business consulting marketing efforts are making new and old clients excited about your services – the same kind of excitement they feel when the turkey first comes out of the oven!

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  1. Kim Domingo says

    If one has a solid track record it can be used as an advantage to get both old and new clients as you have something to show for yourself. But projecting this would be another skill one has to master. Go! Go! Go!

  2. Justin says

    The three tips on how to get both old and new clients excited about your small business consulting marketing is very basic and simple but it is not really that easy when you think about it. It takes self knowledge on your skills and capabilities plus strategy. Great!

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