Leadership Training and Coaching: 5 steps to Success


How can leadership training and coaching get me from A to B, once I decide where B is?


It starts with…

1. INTEREST. A thought of what might be. This is where most people begin and end. We might talk about it, but there is no emotional drive or action taking place. It’s like a typical motivational or training seminar, where we come home and continue our life as it has always been. UNLESS, you are one of the fortunate few to become…

2. DISSATISFIED: Now we’re talking…or complaining. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to take action or make any changes. THAT might be more uncomfortable than the dissatisfaction that we’re facing. Although, there is a chance that we might complain to someone who actually might help us see that change is possible. Consider this a battle between your frontal cortex and your subconscious. In order to do something, you will have to turn off the autopilot mode of your subconscious and start learning to fly the plane. If you want to stay in your comfortable zone of dissatisfaction, do not talk with a life coach! Do not commit to any type of leadership training and coaching. Otherwise, you may find yourself…

3. OBSESSED: You start believing your goals are possible, and you start taking massive action. Not just thinking, but doing the things that you need to do in order to get where you want to be. You get some leadership training and coaching and you don’t stop until you are…

4. EXHAUSTED: You hit the wall. And in this moment your future is decided. It’s here that you decide whether you fall back into being DISSATISFIED and perhaps JADED, DEPRESSED, HOPELESS…You can’t continue all the action you’ve been taking because it is just action. You are still trying to do what the person you would like to be would do. Acting…and you know you can’t keep this up forever. The show is going to end and you don’t know what to do next. And now you start wondering if you should have ever entered that leadership training and coaching program! 

Have you ever watched the finish to a marathon? 

How do the runners look at the end? 

Why do the winners look like they could keep going, for a victory lap perhaps…and the people who didn’t reach their goals? 

Perhaps didn’t even finish for some reason. They always look far worse than the people who win. WHY is that? Were they working harder? Or it is that somewhere their subconscious met “reality”, and they decided they couldn’t keep up the pace. 

And so, they didn’t. 

Not on that day. 

And when they give up their goal, there is DEVASTATION. 

We don’t want to go there. So work more diligently with your life coach because we have decided that we are not going to stop until we are…

5. VICTORIOUS! We manage to tip the scales in our favor. We have become the person who could achieve all that we set out to do. We are shedding the old beliefs that held us back in the past, and the door to our future opens a little more. Others are inspired by our success, and we become leaders.


Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach



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