Assessment Coaching: Seeing Beyond the Veil

Face it, without assessment coaching, it is a kind of guessing game. Even the best coaches are often engaged in a process of hide and seek with their clients. Whether they are conscious of it or not, clients often hide their true feelings, or the events that form the basis of their behavior. And as a result, coaches are left to “fill in the blanks”.

I know It Is Your Dirty Little Secret

Yes! It is your dirty little secret. You wish that you had a way to see beyond that veil that even your client’s conscious mind cannot penetrate. There are ways of course: decades of psychotherapy, days of strategy coaching, hour of hypnotherapy, or a few assessments and just minutes to analysis. The choice is yours. Years or months or minutes. Ignorance or bliss.

Assessment Coaching Can Part the Veil

By assessment coaching, I am referring to coaching that uses the results of statistically proven assessment instruments to gain insights into the basic style, values and talents of your clients. The point here is that these assessments give insights delivered directly from your client’s subconscious, without the benefit of filtering or masking. Without this filtering or masking, the results are often as much a surprise to your client as they are you.

So Where Do You Stand?

A good question: Where do you stand? Are you prepared to do the work to learn how to administer assessments and then to interpret them? To add assessment coaching to your tool kit, or not? If you are interested and willing to invest the time and effort into learning how to do this, you might be able to help hundreds of more clients, and save many hours in the process. So if your goal is to do the most good, and have the biggest positive impact, well then, take the time to investigate for yourself the area of coaching based on assessments. And having done that, make the decision to persue this important area of coaching.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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