Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

What are the best client retention strategies that work for most businesses? In this article, we are going to highlight some of them that have proven effective, and that can work for your coaching practice.


Seven Client Retention Strategies That Can Work For Your Coaching Business

Every successful business requires clients. It is one thing to get the clients, but it is another thing to retain them. Often, we see companies mostly focused on generating leads, getting that sale, that client, but when they ultimately succeed, what happens to the client over time. Due to not maintaining their customer base, some companies in the past, especially smaller ones, have folded up because they didn’t know how to retain their customers.

Do NOT take your CLIENTS for granted!

In today’s marketplace, several businesses are now adopting various strategies like customer loyalty programs to retain their client base.

If you are a new business owner, or you have been in business a while now and struggling to maintain your customer base, the client retention strategies mentioned below will hopefully be of help to you.

What is Client Retention

Client or Customer Retention has to do with the ability of a business to retain its client base. They increase their customer value by engaging in activities the organization uses to improve the number of repeat clients over a specified time.

Client Retention Strategies That Works

Let’s be Real.
If you want to establish a successful business, you must be prepared to take care of your most invaluable asset – Your Clients.
So let us look at seven client retention strategies that can work for your coaching business.

1. Feedback – I can not convey to you enough how important it is to receive feedback from your clients, especially after each session. You may not like their responses but do not to take it personally but look at it as an avenue for growth. Once your clients see you are accepting of constructive criticism, they have put forward, it encourages them to speak more freely; trust you more and keep coming back.

2. Provide Convenience For Your Clients – In today’s world, it is all about making an individual’s life less stressful. Find ways to accommodate your clients’ schedules. For example, if you have a client who is having car trouble or have limited mobility because of health issues, go to them if they cannot come to you. Offer to coach over the phone, meet them at a location convenient for them (home, facility, office, etc.). Also, be willing to work with those struggling to make their payments -life happens (job loss, financial stress). Offer payment plans, sliding fees, etc.

3. Appreciate Your Clients Through Incentives – To recognize their customers for their loyalty and to retain them, many businesses today offer especially retail establishments via things like loyalty reward programs, referral programs, etc. You can do something similar in your coaching business. Offer free coaching sessions once or twice a year, refer a friend, and get 25% off your subsequent meeting, gift cards when they experience a life event such as a new baby, marriage, etc.

4. Proactive Communication – Be intentional about communicating with your clients at frequent intervals. Reach out to them when on vacation, or away due to a personal loss, etc. For those you haven’t seen in a while, send them appreciation messages. You will be able to determine how often to reach out in order not to overwhelm them.

5. Educate & Inspire Your Clients – Webinars have been known to be excellent customer retention strategies and so take advantage of it. Use apps like to host webinars that can empower, inspire, and educate your clients.

6. Host Annual or Semi-annual Events For Your Clients – Use this medium to appreciate both current and past clients. Send out flyers, emails, text messages to invite them and their loved ones. In this way, you can connect with them outside the business setting especially with previous clients, and see if they or their loved ones may desire your services.

7. Take Client Complaints – It is essential to address complaints from clients immediately. You do not want the issues they have encountered to linger on. Engage in active listening and attempt to settle whatever problems they might have.

So, which of these client retention strategies are you considering implementing? Well, regardless of if you select three or all of them, ensure you keep at it and do not give up until you observe an improvement in your client retention.

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